The return of Friday Night Lights is less than three weeks away, and various internet sites have been quick to post juicy information about what fans can expect to see on the new season.

One interesting tidbit involves Minka Kelly’s Lyla Garrity and her possible reconciliation with one of the other characters on the show.  For those unfamiliar with Friday Night Lights, the previous season proved dramatic for the former Dillon Panthers cheerleader after her star quarterback boyfriend, Jason [Scott Porter], injured his back and ended up confined to a wheelchair.

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elmomeme said: started watching it and thought..mmm not too bad…but man im hooked!!! great writing, acting and directing…

Anonymous said: And I, for one, can’t wait for the new season. I accidently got hooked on this show and now I’m glad I did….

Anonymous said: Correction: Friday Night Lights Season 2 Premieres October 5th , 9/8c on NBC. 🙂

To make matters worse for Lyla, she began sleeping with Jason’s best friend, Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch).  Although Lyla and Jason later reconciled and got engaged, Lyla broke off the engagement when she caught Jason with another woman.

As for Lyla reconciling with someone on the upcoming season of Friday Night Lights, fans who are rooting for her to get back together with Jason will be disappointed to know that no official word has been released on that note.  There are, however, reports that Lyla and Tim are set to repair the bonds of their friendship with the help of the church.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Lyla will be joining an evangelical church and Tim, whose main interests are football and partying, will be attending at least one of the services with Lyla.

A spokesperson for the show told the Chicago Tribune that although viewers will “have to wait and see” if Lyla and Tim will regain their closeness, it is certain that Lyla helps Tim “find God, at least for a moment in time.”

During the summer press tour, executive producer Jason Katims explained the rationale behind Lyla’s newfound faith.

“She’s been through so much.  She’s seeking answers.  She just found this thing that makes a lot of sense to her and has given her some direction,” Katims said.  “She felt really lost and betrayed by her father and her family’s been torn asunder, and all this stuff.”

The second season of Friday Night Lights will premiere on October 5.

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