Heroes continues headlong into its new arc tomorrow with episode 2 of the second season, “Lizards.”  New heroes are revealed, old heroes are revisited, and the new storyline begins to take definitive shape.  After being upstaged by NBC’s new golden child, Bionic Woman, Heroes has a lot to prove as cautious critics watch Heroes ratings for decline in interest.  From what we’ve seen so far, Heroes fans who abandoned the premiere have some very good reasons to tune in.  Read on for clips, pics, and details on Heroes “Lizards.”

As was hinted at last week, and even in the finale, the new threat facing the heroes is virus which short circuits abilities and subsequently kills the host.  Mohinder’s blood is the only known cure.   In the sense of story dynamics, this makes Mohinder a mark for season 2.  If I were writing this series, I’d kill Mohinder off just as the virus became wide spread.  Mohinder receives his first assignment with the company.  He is conscripted to hunt down the Haitian, who has contracted the virus.  I’m definitely psyched to see him back in action.

We are going to learn a little more about the people who have Peter, and how he ended up in that shipping container.  The most interesting thing, though, is that Peter apparently does not know he has any powers.  As this clip shows, he takes quite a beating over those iPods.  I wonder how much Apple pays every time somebody says ‘iPod.’

Heroes definitely has not lost its flair for copping Lost’s sense of interconnectedness as Matt gets his first assignment and it turns out to be investigating the death of Hiro’s dad.  Speaking of Hiro, he decides his presence has short circuited history and decides to begin guiding things back on the right path.  Who will be surprised when Hero dons the Kensei gear and carries out the legendary actions of his own childhood idol?  Anybody?

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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