Conflict. Confrontations. Misunderstandings. Wires crossed. Overheard conversations. Outright lies. Welcome to this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, “I Wear The Face,” in which truths were revealed, grants were awarded, and boundaries were not only blurred but obliterated.  Hold on tight, because when the masks came off, so did the gloves … and things got messy.

A Very Wrong Turn

So, remember last week when Catherine proposed suing former daughter-in-law, April, for fraud and full custody of the Japril baby? Well, she wasn’t about to let go of that idea easily. Despite Richard’s warnings that this was a very bad idea, Catherine didn’t let it go. Is it any wonder, then, that April eventually overheard one of Catherine’s ranting sessions and totally freaked out? Eventually, Catherine confided to Richard that she was so gung ho about protecting Jackson’s child because Jackson’s father tried to take Jackson away from her. Richard gently reminded her that this is not her story. It’s Jackson and April’s story … and they need to find their own way. Catherine finally backed off and told Jackson so, only to be told that he was heeding her advice. He’s an Avery. So he got himself some power. More on that later…

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The Wind Beneath Her Wings

When will the residents learn that although they are friends, they are also competitors? Meredith and Cristina wrangled with this way back in their intern year and the issue came up many times over the years despite their “you’re my person” friendship. This time around, it’s Jo, Stephanie and Penny who waded into deep waters as they all applied for the prestigious Preminger Grant, which would give the winner one full research year at a far off location. Adding fuel to an already-raging fire, Stephanie was already out of sorts because Amelia was giving Penny lots of attention and opportunities to learn and Steph (always Amelia’s right hand woman) was feeling mighty territorial about it all. Since Amelia gave Stephanie secret signs of her support (her words said she couldn’t talk about it but her nodding head told another story), Edwards assumed she had this grant in the bag. After all, couple her amazing surgical skills with Amelia’s recommendation and how could she lose? 

Of course, she did lose and to Penny (!) who had maintained she wasn’t even going to apply since she was just getting settled at Grey Sloan. Despite Penny’s claims that she changed her mind at the last minute, Jo and Stephanie refused to believe her and congratulated her on her duplicity. Fortunately for Stephanie (who lashed out at Amelia in her disappointment – not good), patient/guitarist Kyle Diaz (played by Wilmer Valderama) was there to cheer her up after her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. She rebuffed his flirty advances (“He was eyesexing!”) all day long, but seemed touched by his support as she watched over him post-surgery. Is this the start of something? After all, they’re both “smart, incredibly good looking – cocky- but with the goods to back it up.”

Disaster Happens Wherever You Are

Let’s all admit it. Sometimes contrived circumstances are required to get certain characters in the same location. In this case, it was the last-minute substitution of Nathan for Maggie (who wanted to avoid being on the same case as DeLuca – who never showed up anyway, but whatever) which meant Riggs was going to pick up a heart and a liver for transplant with Meredith and – wait for it – Owen. Stuck in traffic (of course they were) it took only a hot second for Owen to discover than Nathan had inadvertently had a hand in Amelia’s fall off the wagon. Still, as Meredith reminded Owen, Amelia took the drink itself. It wasn’t Nathan’s fault anymore than it was Nathan’s fault about Megan getting on that helicopter. After all, Nathan tried to take Megan’s place. “Is that what he told you?” Owen asked, incredulous. He then went on to explain to Meredith that Riggs was no where near the helicopter with Megan. He was cheating on her and Megan boarded the flight to get away from him. Whoa. 

I will say, I liked getting more of Owen’s side of this story as the last few episodes were looking very pro-Nathan and anti-Owen, which to me didn’t really align with the man we’ve known Owen Hunt to be for eight seasons. Riggs didn’t give any rebuttal, however, despite yet another confrontation with Owen in the hospital later in the day. So, is there yet more to the story? And is it just me or are the odds ever more in our favor that Megan Hunt turns up by season’s end?

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We’re Friends. Rant Away!

Not every story line is smooth and tonight’s attempt to help April and Arizona reconcile was as heavy-handed as they come. Fourteen year old Jenny arrived at the hospital pregnant and with a serious medical condition (an aneurysm that could burst at any moment, killing her and her baby) but she hadn’t told her mom about the pregnancy. Just like April hadn’t told Jackson about her pregnancy. Get it! It was just the same! Except this time April wanted to tell (and, honestly, I’m on #TeamApril on this one because Jenny is a minor child and parents of minor children have the right to know about their kid’s medical condition in full- HELLO!) and Arizona (still burned from her debacle with April and Jackson) insisted that the patient’s wish trumped the parent’s right to know (again … minor child!). Long story short, April told Jenny’s mom (who had been a teen mom herself) who stepped up in support of her daughter. April and Arizona mended fences. They’re friends again. And April served Jackson with a restraining order in a proactive effort to head off Catherine’s plan, only to come home and find a beautiful crib assembled in the living room with a note from Jackson that they would figure things out. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Memorable  Moments and Quotes:

Maggie (as Amelia and Meredith spatted yet again): “I was promised sisters!”

Richard (to Catherine): “Hussy? This is April Kepner we’re talking about!”

Richard: “You are a meddler. A busybody. A helicopter mama. A nosy Nellie. A buttinski!”

Catherine: “That is trash talk.”

Richard: “All up in the bug juice. You don’t know the flavor, woman!”

Jenny (multiple symptoms later): “Also, I’m pregnant.”

April: “Okay…you buried the lead there.”

Kyle (speaking for us all): “Why are all the doctors in this hospital so hot? Seriously. It’s like a condition of employment here.”

Kyle: “I don’t know if you know what happens when women hear me play – your hand is gonna get a little shaky.”

Stephanie: “Well, I’ll push through it.”

Richard: (Looking at the surgical board) “Is that your name up there?”

Catherine: “Seems that way. Bowel resection with Dr. Webber.”

Richard: “They say he’s good. Easy on the eyes, too.

Catherine: “Some men would send flowers. Nasty ass necrotic bowel is nice, too.”

Meredith (to Owen about Stephanie): “Cristina really liked her.” [I love a Cristina reference!]

Penny (to Callie about what Stephanie said about Penny): “She said ‘She’s from Dillard’. Like it’s a welding school.”

Maggie: “I’m inviting all of you lovely people to the house tonight for dinner.”

Callie: “Oh! Like a dinner party.”

Alex (refusing to be either a buffer or a human shield): “I’m not doin’ that again.”

Owen (about Nathan): “Meredith, he didn’t say anything to her. He wasn’t anywhere near that chopper. He was off screwing some woman from Supply Corp. Again. That’s why Megan got on the chopper. To get away from him. My sister was leaving him. When I said ‘we hate him’ I meant it.”

Jenny’s Mom to Jenny: “This just isn’t what we do. You tell me when you’re in trouble. You don’t walk around scared and along. Not when you have me. You hear? Not when you’re having my grandbaby.”

Stephanie (to Penny): “Never saw it coming. Well played.”

Jackson: “You know, I’m a grown-ass man.”

Catherine: “Language!”

Meredith (to Maggie, assuring her that Meredith and Amelia are all good, despite everything):

“Well, you wanted sisters. You got ’em.”

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