In the season 7 midseason finale of Pretty Little Liars, the Liars have a deadly face-off with their enemies that ends fatally. While old lovers all around reunite, others say some tear-jerking goodbyes. From heartbreak to nostalgia to shocking revelations, the Liars had a lot to say in this summer finale. Here are the best quotes from “The Darkest Knight.”

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 7 of Pretty Little Liars.

Aria: “If we do this, there’s no stepping back from it.”
Spencer: “And we risk the police finding out about Archer.”
Caleb: “You mean finding out that Hanna ran him over and you buried him like a dog.”

PLL710-1.jpg “To quote my dead husband, ‘karma’s a bitch.'”
– Alison

PLL710-2.jpg “Wake up, bitch.”
– Hanna

PLL710-3.jpgMarco: “Not sure how much of a threat a blind girl can be.”
Toby: “You haven’t met Jenna.”

PLL710-4.jpgLab Technician: “So what’s the rush, if you don’t mind me asking? Trying to prove someone’s your baby daddy?”
Hanna: “Something like that.”

PLL710-5.jpg “Busting Noel for the dollhouse is like busting a mob boss for tax evasion. It’s settling. And I’m not ready to settle.”
– Hanna

PLL710-6.jpgMona: “You can’t get worse than the dollhouse.”
Hanna: “I have scars on my back that say different.”

PLL710-7.jpg “Ugh. I’m gonna be sick.”
– Alison watching Paige comfort Emily

PLL710-8.jpgHanna: “Do you think the cops will buy it?”
Mona: “Definitely. It’s your friends you need to worry about. They’re way harder to fool.”

PLL710-9.jpgMona: “Still rocking that jungle red?”
Jenna: “I’m not fickle. When I find something that works for me, I stick with it.”
Mona: “Well the trick is knowing when something isn’t working for you anymore.”
Jenna: “Enough with the makeup tips. What do you want?”

PLL710-10.jpgHanna: “I told you guys what happened.”
Caleb: “I know.”
Hanna: “Then why do you keep asking me if I’m okay?”
Caleb: “I guess I’m waiting for an answer that I believe.”

PLL710-11.jpg “Hanna, the last time I left you alone in a room, A.D. took you. So I hate to break it to you, girl, but you’re stuck with me.”
– Caleb

PLL710-12.jpg “Hanna, you don’t do dishes until they mold. You eat french fries in bed. Cold. You don’t gas up the car until it starts beeping. You won’t admit that we’re meant to spend the rest of our lives together. You send food back if the waiter breathes on it funny. And you know what, there’s probably milk in that fridge that’s older than me.”
– Caleb

PLL710-13.jpg “I’m pregnant.”
– Alison

PLL710-14.jpgSpencer: “Dinner?”
Marco: “Yeah.”
Spencer: “Here?”
Marco: “Well, we could both eat in the squad car…”

PLL710-15.jpg “I’m really, really happy for you, Toby. You deserve love. You deserve that great, big beautiful kind of love. More than anyone else I know.”
– Spencer

PLL710-16.jpg “You know what? Call me when you finally decide to cut the strings [from Ali].”
– Paige to Emily

PLL710-17.jpgHanna: “So there’s no way you dropped ketchup from your hot dog, or one of the hairs from your beard fell in there?”
Lab Technician: “Uhh, I don’t have a beard…”


Spencer: “So you just decided to go rogue?”

Hanna: “Well, I was sure Noel was our guy and you guys were just getting cold feet.”
Spencer: “Hanna, if by cold feet you mean we weren’t willing to abduct someone and beat a confession out of them, then yes, we got cold feet.”

PLL710-19.jpgAria: “You did remember to like, water and feed [Noel], right?”
Hanna: “Of course.”
Spencer: “Did you remember to tie him up?”

PLL710-20.jpgHanna: “He took the camera. He can make it look like I kidnapped him.”
Alison: “You did kidnap him, Hanna.
Hanna: “Well now he can prove it!”

PLL710-21.jpgAria: “They brought us here to kill us.”
Alison: “Grudge much, Jenna?”

PLL710-22.jpg “Alison, is that you? You’ve been the bitch. The missing girl. The dead girl. Tonight you get to be me. Now you see what I see.”
– Jenna

PLL710-23.jpg “Please don’t leave me. Spencer, I would never hurt you. I’m your mother.”
– Mary Drake

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