In the previous episode of Extant, Molly and JD tracked down John’s former partner, Nicholas Calderon. Calderon told them a story of an A.I. he believed was controlling the board, the same A.I. that was currently advising Stanton and the government. Calderon also gave them a device, an amulet, that he claimed would be able to stop both the A.I. and the Humanichs. Meanwhile, Charlie and Julie did everything they could to keep the newest batch of Humanichs from being shipped around the world, but Lucy managed to kidnap Julie and thwart their efforts.

In the 2-hour season 2 finale, “Double Vision” and “The Greater Good,” Molly turns to an unlikely ally in her quest to save the human race and several characters end up switching sides. Meanwhile, Molly’s dream/vision of JD’s “death” plays out in an interesting way, Ethan’ slife is put in danger, and our heroes wage one last battle against TAALR.

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Stanton Lends a Hand

Molly, JD and Ethan head to Julie’s place and find Charlie there moments after he has hung himself. They save his life and Charlie says Julie is dead because of him. (Of course, Charlie does not know if she is dead for sure, so I think his drastic reaction is over the top as well as out of character.) JD asks Charlie where Lucy might have taken Julie, but Charlie has no idea. While she does not know how to help Julie, Molly tells Charlie that they might have a way to destroy Lucy and the other Humanichs.

Molly has Ethan meet with Stanton, knowing Stanton will listen to Ethan. Ethan tells Stanton everything they know about Toby’s death and TAALR’s involvement in it. He also helps her connect with Molly through some sort of holographic chatroom. Molly tells Stanton that TAALR set up Calderon and has been controlling things from behind the scenes for quite a while. She gives Stanton proof that TAALR used a GSC drone to kill Toby and Stanton decides to switch her allegiance over to Molly’s side of this war.

TAALR Retaliates

TAALR tells Lucy that Calderon gave Molly something before he was taken into custody. TAALR thinks this device could pose a threat to their plans so he wants Lucy to handle it. Later on, we find out that someone stole the original strain of the hybrid-killing virus from the GSC lab. Only, this strain also kills humans. It turns out that Lucy is the one who stole the virus and she handed it out to several Humanichs, each heading off to different parts of the world.

Stanton learns that the Humanichs have left with the virus so she contacts Molly and says they need to enact their plan to go against TAALR right away. Molly says they are not ready, but Stanton says they only have six hours to stop the Humanichs from releasing the virus. Unfortunately, TAALR discovers the plot against him and keeps it from coming to pass. Molly and her team escape with their lives, but TAALR is onto them now and he has Stanton killed.

The Tale of Two Molly’s

Throughout the episodes, we see Lucy helping in the creation of a new Humanich. There is something special about this one. When the Humanich is finally revealed, she looks exactly like Molly and even answers to that name. This “Molly” meets up with JD and he ends up telling her their entire plan, not realizing that she is not the real Molly. Then, she shoots him, just like in the real Molly’s dream/vision.

When the real Molly finds JD, he is barely clinging to life. She gives him a few doses of her hybrid blood in order to save him and it actually works. Unfortunately, JD remembers Molly shooting him so once he comes to, he pulls a gun on her. Molly tries to explain to him that she was not the one who shot him, but JD’s memories reveal otherwise. But when they get a look at footage from Julie’s apartment, Molly sees that a perfect Humanich copy of her was the one who shot JD. Luckily, Molly’s hybrid blood healed JD and he is doing fine. Though he is annoyed Molly made the decision to give him her blood without asking him. As Molly realizes later on, JD just wanted to be able to make the choice himself.

Molly vs. Molly

Running out of options, Molly and Terra go to Ares for help. At first, Ares has no interest in anything they have to say, but Molly tells him another virus is about to be released. Only this time, it will kill humans and hybrids alike and wipe them all out. Ares and the other hybrids agree to help because it will give them a chance to get their revenge against the Humanichs.

Molly and her people plan to go back to the building that houses TAALR’s server room, even though the building is now being guarded by a Humanich army. Luckily, they have a hybrid army on their side. The hybrids manage to get the power off, making it easier for Molly, JD and Charlie to move around inside. But something goes wrong and the hybrids are taken down. Molly gets a warning from Ares before she, JD and Charlie are all separated. The Humanichs, including Lucy and Molly 2.0, are coming.

After they are separated, Charlie is confronted by Lucy and Molly 2.0. Molly 2.0 shoots him, but tells Lucy to finish the job. Charlie tries to get through to Lucy, but she steals the amulet instead of listening to him. TAALR tells her to absorb the amulet in order to destroy it, but doing so would result in her own death. This amulet turns out to be a decoy, but it makes Lucy finally start to see the light. Molly has to fight her newer model, but she is successful in the end and manages to plug the amulet into the server. TAALR and almost all of the
Humanichs are killed. As JD and Molly escape, Charlie stays behind to be there for Lucy in her final moments. It is a nice enough moment, but does not feel completely earned, given how little all of Lucy’s relationships were developed.

When the smoke clears, we see Molly giving a press conference. After all this time, she finally tells the truth about alien life on Earth. She introduces Ares to the public and says that all the hybrids want is the chance to live in peace. The crowd reacts pretty well to Molly’s declaration that there is already alien life among us so I guess that means the humans will be accepting of these new life-forms.

The episode, and the season, ends with someone named TAALR picking up a coffee. It looks like TAALR managed to download into one of the Humanich bodies before the amulet could destroy him all-together. What does this mean for the show should it return for another season? (And was I the only one thinking the guy in the trench coat might actually be John? With the dark hair and the height, I would not have been surprised if it turned out to be him.)

Other Happenings

— When they realize that shutting down TAALR and the Humanichs could also result in Ethan’s death, Molly has an impossible decision to make. Only, Molly realizes that she cannot make that decision so Ethan makes it for her. He tells her that they need to do this, no matter the cost. (Ethan is such a brave kid.) Julie stays behind with Ethan as the others go after TAALR so she will be there with him when TAALR is shut down. Luckily, John installed some sort of emergency firewall to protect Ethan so he survives the destruction of the Humanichs.

— JD’s ex, Dorothy, just happens upon Terra after she has been shot. Dorothy calls JD and they take Terra over to Julie’s apartment. The bullet had just grazed her so she will be okay. But Dorothy’s real purpose in this episode is to plead with JD not to throw his life away. Molly knows this is a probable suicide mission for JD (thanks to her dream/vision of shooting him) so she convinces Dorothy to talk to JD and remind him of what he is leaving behind. JD does not fall for it, but has a nice final moment with his ex. And the season ends on a good note for the Richters, as JD makes it to one of Kelsey’s ultrasounds.

— They have little luck in locating Julie until Ethan remembers that her charging station always knows her location so she can get updates whenever she needs them. Ethan cannot tell if Julie is still alive, but he knows she is at the Humanichs lab. Charlie and Ethan rush to Julie’s rescue and save her just as her oxygen is running out.

What did you think of the second season finale of Extant? Were you sad when Lucy died or did you think it was a fitting end for the character? I did not care for Lucy for most of the season, but I did feel for her in her final moments. Do you think Ares and the other hybrids are sincere in their desire to co-exist with the humans or are they still plotting something behind the scenes? And if the show returns for another season, will you be tuning in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Extant airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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