One out of three isn’t bad, unless of course you’re the two that still can’t get your life straightened out on Mistresses. In the season three finale, “Goodbye Girl,” Joss, April and Karen are forced to look at their lives once again and make important decisions about their futures. Joss, freshly out of prison, seems to think Calista is stalking her. But after a visit to the fashion mogul in prison, it turns out Luca’s real killer could still be on the loose. Meanwhile, Karen is forced to say goodbye to another lover and April realizes that she’s in love with Marc. But is it too late?

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A Happy Ending for April

After Miranda reveals that Marc fell off the wagon, April feels very hurt that he didn’t tell her. He apologizes and wants to run away. It takes a few conversations with Joss for April to realize that she’s in love with Marc. However, Marc leaves Los Angeles shortly after Miranda leaves with Scotty for Vegas.

Fearing she may once again miss out on love, she tries to track him down the only way she can think of — randomly calling an airline about flights that he could be on and then heading to the airport. Luckily, as she’s leaving, Marc returns with a new Jeep, as he’s sold the RV. He confesses his love for her, she reciprocates and they finally have their first kiss.

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Let’s Travel the World

After Harry picks up Joss from jail, all she wants to do is put all of the past behind her and start fresh with him in their new house. When he tells her about a possible job interview with celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito, she urges him to nail it so he can finally get the career he’s always wanted.

The interview goes really well, except Rocco tells Harry that it’s not a small web series that he would be featured in. It’s actually a 13-episode show on the Food Network that would require him to travel to ten countries in a year’s time. Harry is very hesitant, but Joss tells him to seize the day and take the opportunity. When Ari informs him that he got the job, he eagerly accepts and makes her add Joss into the contract so she can travel with him.

Who’s Stalking Joss?

Things may not work out so hot for Joss though. While all the whirlwind of Harry’s job opportunity comes about, she’s dealing with random texts and care packages from Calista. She wants her lawyer to get a restraining order against Calista, but ends up taking matters into her own hands. She heads to the jail to confront Calista, who’s clearly depressed after the confession and realization that she has no friends. Calista tells Joss that she’s not sending her anything from behind bars and perhaps the real killer is now stalking her. A phone call to Calista’s old lawyer, Patty, only makes Joss more paranoid that someone is after her.

On her way to meet Harry at the airport, Joss tries calling one of Calista’s old assistants to find out what’s going on, but the girl won’t pick up the phone. Joss heads over to Calista’s home to find music blaring and the fire burning. A figure comes out of the shadows, and at first she thinks it’s Calista, but it’s actually her old assistant, Wilson, dressed as Calista and he holds a gun up to shoot Joss.

Meanwhile, Calista works in a favor to get some rope to possibly kill herself in her jail cell.

Saying Good-Bye

Poor Karen. All of her lovers are dead. The poor woman can’t catch a break. After Vivian passes out before Alec’s big night, she’s hospitalized. Her doctor informs Karen and Alec that her condition is progressing faster than they expected and her vital organs are failing. Alec is very confused, as Vivian and Karen had kept her deteriorating health a secret. He banishes Karen from the hospital while he keeps himself distracted with finding a solution to help his dying wife.

Karen eventually comes back to the hospital, as Vivian’s doctor says she doesn’t have much time left. She convinces Alec to say goodbye to his wife. Vivian records a video for their unborn child, and within hours, after Karen says a heartfelt goodbye, Vivian takes her last breath.

Predictions and Thoughts

So April gets her happy ending for now, finally. But Joss is in deep water. She couldn’t just get on the damn plane with her hottie celebrity chef boyfriend to travel Europe for a year. Her curiosity got the best of her, and she just had to head over to Calista’s and leave her phone in the car. I’m not surprised it was Wilson who probably killed Luca. He was pissed that Calista used him and hated how Luca treated her, so he killed two birds with one stone, so to speak. Plus, he probably hates Joss too, because well, she’s perfect, right? She swooped into Calista’s life and immediately became her best friend, making Wilson old news. But it was seriously creepy the way he dressed up as Calista. Stalker much?

Karen, Karen, Karen. What are we going to do about Karen? Or rather what is she going to do now? Her lesbian lover is dead, and she’s carrying her lover’s husband’s child. I think her storyline takes the cake this season on Mistresses. Even though Joss had to spend time behind bars, she had her opportunity to run away and made yet another poor choice. I feel like Karen never really gets those chances, as every time she tries to cut ties with her bad decisions, she gets reeled back in somehow. I mean, pregnancy is a good reason to go back.

I really hope Mistresses gets a green light for season four. I do love my cheesy nighttime soap and want to find out what happens to Joss and the ladies!

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