The Knight Rider set is split into two levels. There’s the ground floor where the crew operates on KITT and takes care of all the technical requirements, then there’s the upper catwalks that loom over the command center. That’s where Yancey Arias works. On the new Knight Rider, Arias plays Alex Torres, the man who oversees the operations and assigns the missions for the team.

While on the set of Knight Rider, BuddyTV went up on the second level to talk to Arias about his role in the show, his fascination with the show’s technology and his thoughts on the relatively young writing staff of the show. Continue reading for the highlights, or to watch our exclusive video interview.

-Arias views his character primarily as a father figure, a man who cares about his crew and tries to be protective while at the same time handing out dangerous missions.

-Thanks to shows on the Discovery Channel, Arias has become quite interested in the technological aspects of Knight Rider. Specifically, he cites a show called Weapons of the Future as an indication that the science involved with KITT isn’t that far removed from our present state. Talking to Arias, it’s clear that working on Knight Rider has sparked his inner child, a kid who loves cool gadgets and space-age technology.

-One of the key elements that Arias hopes will lead to the show’s success is the youthful creative team, with a writing staff of guys mostly in their 20s and 30s. Arias recognizes that they know what today’s “video game generation” wants to see, and that they can deliver.

-As a child, Arias was a big fan of Knight Rider and other shows of that style, which helps to explain his love for and fascination with the technology of the series.

Knight Rider premieres Wednesday, September 24 at 8pm on NBC.

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