Silver is spreading her wings on 90210. Kelly Taylor’s sister is dating Dixon, mending fences with Naomi and getting a place all to herself while big sis runs off to see baby daddy Dylan. During BuddyTV’s 90210 set visit, we spoke to the actress behind the blogger, Jessica Stroup, to find out what’s going on with Silver.

Stroup has had a good year on the CW, first showing up as the possible spawn of Satan on Reaper, now she’s taking up residence in TV’s most famous zip code. Stroup spoke about working with the stars of the original Beverly Hills 90210, her character’s relationship with Dixon and her blog savviness. Continue reading for highlights and to watch the exclusive video interview.

Working closely with Jennie Garth is fun, but Stroup was even more excited when she learned Ann Gillespie would return as her alcoholic, drug-abusing mother. Stroup is impressed that the original series was such a phenomenon that, even though the actors have moved on in their lives, they’re still willing to come back.

What made Gillespie’s return more special was that, since the original series ended, Gillespie has moved on to become a reverend in Virginia, yet she was still willing to come back to play “a coked out druggie.” Stroup was also impressed that Gillespie donated part of her paycheck for the role to her church.

While the fame of being on 90210 might come later, for now, Stroup is thrilled that she can still walk down the street without being recognized by everyone.

Stroup is a big fan of YouTube, and one of the most fun things she gets to do is help out with, Silver’s website on the show that the producers actually maintain. Stroup gets to film segments for it, and she also contributes to Silver’s musical tastes.

Silver’s life is full of complicated, emotional family, so Stroup says that her attraction to Dixon allows the character to temporarily escape from those problems and expand her horizons by letting herself go out into the world.

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