At the beginning of September, BuddyTV had just come back from visiting the set of Supernatural where we learned that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are roommates. Well, here’s the interview that proves it. Straight out of the horse’s mouth, Jared and Jensen are roommates. Not only that, but they also hang out together and play guitar when they go home after a long day of work. How cute is that?

Jared took some time out of his busy day of filming to answer our questions about Supernatural and Sam Winchester. Sadly, this is the final video interview of the boys that we’ll have for a while, but I don’t think it will be our last. We’re all big Supernatural fans here at BuddyTV, and I think we’ve made a great impression with the CW and with the powers that be at Supernatural, so I’m hoping that we’ll be able to get some more good video exclusives pretty soon.

Jared Padalecki shared that the chemistry between Sam and Dean is not something that he has to work on. We all know this to be true, but isn’t it a good feeling to hear again that Jared and Jensen are great friends off the set too?

Jared hinted that as this season progresses, Sam’s relationship with Dean will continue to change. Jared says that they’ll start keeping things from each other. Now, we already know that Sam is hiding his new hobby of using his power to exorcise demons with new Ruby, but so far, Dean has come clean about everything to his little brother. That’ll change after tonight’s episode. We’ll find out tonight that Dean will have to start keeping secrets from Sam as well.

One thing that I’ve always found so impressive about Jared Padalecki is his ability to excel in both comic and tragic scenes. Actually, that’s a compliment that I would extend in a heartbeat to all of Supernatural in general. But it’s interesting to learn that Jared finds the dramatic scenes much easier than the funny ones.

I asked Jared if there are any classic monsters that he’d like to see on Supernatural. Well, he didn’t exactly answer my question, but he did mention that he likes the good versus evil themes that abound in movies like Star Wars. I’m glad he mentioned Star Wars because that hints to the fact that maybe he himself is secretly a nerdy fanboy, even though he looks like such a stud on the outside. I mean this in the best possible way because I happen to think that nerdy fanboys are the best kinds of boys. If and when I get the opportunity to talk again, I want to try to make it my personal mission to unearth his inner nerd so that we can geek out together.

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