It’s not easy being a white, upper-class male. That may sound absurd, but on America’s Best Dance Crew, it seemed to be true as Xtreme Dance Force was routinely dismissed by the judges as just a “boy band.” The guys kept dancing, switching up styles and facing a wide range of challenges from week-to-week, dancing to styles they weren’t familiar with and songs they’d never heard. Yet despite proving themselves as a serious dance crew, it was hard to wipe off that label they willingly accepted: the boy band.

BuddyTV spoke to JC Renzetti and Nick Neri, to of the members of Xtreme Dance Force, about their time on the show. Among the things they discussed were the possibly unwise decision to accept the boy band moniker, the origins of Xtreme Dance Force, and their future plans. Continue reading for the highlights and to listen to the full audio version of the interview.

-First, while America’s Best Dance Crew fans may think of Xtreme Dance Force as a crew of seven, it’s actually a larger institution with more than 100 members. JC and Alvin Ramirez decided to audition for the show and help their own auditions among the eligible members of Xtreme Dance Force to see who would join them. Interestingly, there was also an all-female Xtreme Dance Force that auditioned, though some of those members were too young to actually be on the show.

-While JC did accept the boy band title, he and the other guys on the crew aren’t sure that was such a good idea as it pigeon-holed them, at least in the judges’ eyes. While other crews were often given songs in their comfort zones, Xtreme Dance Force went from pop to R&B to rap, varying styles and techniques, something JC feels they were never given the proper credit for.

-The members of Xtreme Dance Force will continue dancing for the group and teaching and mentoring younger students at the dance studio. As was the case with previous eliminated crews, Xtreme Dance Force felt the nicest competitors were Fanny Pak and SoReal Cru.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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