Chelsea Korka didn’t always have a plan to become the next Pussycat Doll on The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll, it was simply a spur of the moment impulse.  Throughout the competition her voice wowed the judges as she grew into her dancing skills.  Despite being eliminated in the season finale, Chelsea has big plans for a future in the entertainment industry.  Chelsea stopped by BuddyTV to talk about living it up on the show, getting mixed up in drama of the house and her dream of a solo career.

BuddyTV:  So Chelsea maybe you can start off by telling us a little bit about how you ended up being on the show and what inspired you to try out to be the next doll?

Chelsea:  Actually it was spur of the moment and completely spontaneous.  I am a spontaneous and outgoing kind of person and I actually worked a double at my retail job on a Friday and then I hung out with my friends until about 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday morning and I was driving home and I heard a clip on the radio to be the next doll for singers and dancer down at the Ball Harbor in Miami and I made a u-turn.  And still in the uniform from work and everything I went down there.  And I had nothing prepared; I had no song, definitely no dance and nothing prepared, nothing with me.  And I just walked in the room, I introduced myself, I sang, they put on some music, I danced, and then I made it as far as did.

You know once you found yourself in the house and the competition was underway, was it anything like how you expected it to be?

You actually had no idea what was going to happen next.  And I think that was the most exciting part about it was that you had no idea what was going to happen or what challenge they might throw at you or what song you might get or anything.  Or what people you might even run into. And I think it was kind of good because it kind of kept us going and I think it was intriguing on the fact of we didn’t know what was going to happen.  But then we found out like our performances and found out everything; that it was just work and work and work.  But I mean I had no idea what to expect.  I had no idea what was going to happen.  And I didn’t think I was going to make it that far.  But I’m thankful for everything and definitely a great experience.

You came into the competition with very strong vocals but didn’t have as much background with the whole dancing aspect as some of the other girls.  Do you feel that you were at a disadvantage because of this and do you think that the judges place more emphasis on one over the other?

Well I’ve actually never been trained in singing or dancing. I’ve never been trained in anything.  And some people are using the expression that I’m raw now, I’m like a raw talent because I’ve never been trained or anything with anything.  So to walk in and just be strong with my vocals, I felt confident in that because I haven’t been trained.  So it was kind of good about that.  The dancing was definitely a challenge, as everybody knows.  So I did feel a little down sometimes because I wasn’t picking things up as quickly as the other girls or hitting them as hard as the other girls. But I did try my very best and I didn’t give up and I didn’t settle.  And I think that was good about one of the things that I did, is that I didn’t say “Oh I’m just a singer,” and I left it at that.  I kept fighting and I kept trying and I didn’t give up.

Last week we had a chance to talk with Melissa S. and I asked her about some of the things that she said towards you and her response was a lot of it had to do with the way the show was edited.  I’m curious to find out your perspective, your point of view, what’s your take on the whole situation with Melissa S.?

Well I have to agree with Melissa S. in that department of how we were not in the editing room, we’re not in control of how the show is portrayed and viewed to the world.  But we are in control of what we say and she definitely spoke her mind, which I respect her for, and definitely told the world how she feels about me.  But I would have respected her a lot more if she would have told it to my face and wasn’t so fake about it in the house and acting all buddy-buddy and giving me hugs and saying that she loves me and all the other stuff.  And then when I’m watching the show she says all these terrible, nasty things about me behind my back and it was very hurtful.  So I do agree with her, we are not control of how they edit the show, but we are in control of what we say.  And she definitely spoke her mind and it just showed me how more fake she really is in life.  And that’s pretty much it in that department with her because I mean that’s just how she was.

Where do you guys stand right now, now that the show is over?

It’s funny because she still tries contacting me and acting all friendly with me but I would actually love to meet up with her and actually ask her questions and find out why she felt the way she did or how she really feels about me.  Or why she didn’t tell me any of those things to my face.  And hopefully finally get over that wall that she had up the entire time of me trying to make friends with her and really trying to find the real Melissa S. I hope I actually can find that real girl and find out who she really is and not see the fake person that was portrayed to me.  And maybe we can become friends but that’s all depending on her and if she really wants to tell me how she feels to my face and not to other people.

Cool.  On Tuesday’s finale, you know Asia and Melissa R. they definitely were at each other and you were kind of caught up in the middle of all their drama.  How did that affect you?

Well it was 3:45 in the morning and they were fighting and screaming and yelling and hollering and I became the mediator.  It was entertaining at first and I was just kind of sitting there, I was yawning and stuff, it was entertaining at first because I had no idea what they were fighting for.  And then I started getting details and details and I was like, “Oh, oh, oh. Okay. Oh, I see. Oh, alright.”  And pretty much I think it was one of those friends fighting and then they look back at it five years down the road and they start laughing type thing because I think it was kind of pointless.   Melissa R. is definitely not fake in my eyes at all.  I don’t think she’s phony; I think she’s very real and very talented and very everything.  And they said that on the show how I said that and how I said that she’s very real and somebody I could see myself being best friends with.  And I think Asia’s great also and extremely talented and real.  And I think they fought for no reason and just were being two friends fighting maybe because they were bored or something.  But it’s over now and we’re all friends and they’re good and great girls.

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