Last week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 8 brought back a number of fan favorites from past cycles which included Michelle and Amanda Babin, the twins of Cycle 7. BuddyTV had a chance to catch up with Michelle and Amanda the other day to chat about their experience on the show, what they’re up to now, and who they’re pulling for to win this season.

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BuddyTV: For those who might not know, how did you two become involved with America’s Next Top Model?

Amanda: It was my doing. It’s Amanda. I tried out for Cycle 6’s open call. I was kind of shy that time because I was the first one to go out of a big group of people auditioning and I didn’t make it obviously. And, I actually got an invite back to try out for Cycle 7, and I brought Michelle along, yup. Then we kept making it.

BuddyTV: Did either of you have any experience with modeling prior to the show?

Amanda: We had done some modeling when we were about 15 and 16, but it was all as twins completely because the agency didn’t want to represent us as individuals and Michelle wasn’t as interested at the time. She was more focused on basketball.

BuddyTV: What was it like competing against each other on the show?

Michelle: It was cool. I mean we weren’t alone on there. We got to have somebody with us so if we were upset or something, we had somebody to turn to unlike the other girls. But also, we had somebody to worry about and that was kind of a challenge as well.

BuddyTV: Outside of the show are you guys pretty competitive naturally?

Amanda: Yeah Michelle is….

Michelle: I am

Amanda: I am too sometimes but not nearly as much.

BuddyTV: How did you guys feel about CariDee winning?

Michelle: We’re happy for her. I think she really wanted it and deserved it and I think she will do good with it.

BuddyTV: Was there anything that you wish they showed on TV either about you guys or what went down in the house that maybe they didn’t show?

Michelle: No I really don’t care what they show, it was whatever.

Amanda: I wish they would have showed more of the silent films because I thought I did better at that and I would have been able to see that more but we really didn’t get to see any of that. I wish they would have posted it online, like how each person did on the silent film, but they kind of just never showed it. So I really think that would have been cool to see. That’s the first thing that comes to mind.

BuddyTV: What would you say was the best part about both of your experiences being on the show?

Michelle: Going to Spain was really cool. I liked that a lot. You can’t beat a free trip to Spain

Amanda: Yeah, Spain was really fun.

Amanda: I think we met a couple of cool people too.

Michelle: Yeah for sure, definitely

Amanda: Like Megan and Mel we still hang out with and are friends with.

BuddyTV: So what are you two up to now?

Amanda: We are looking for an agency for modeling, We kind of are in the works for getting a commercial agency, and we are going to school part-time, working part time, just try to do everything, getting started with everything.

BuddyTV: Are you guys watching this season at all of Cycle 8?

Amanda: Yeah, we’re recording it and we watch it when we have time.

BuddyTV: Nice, you guys have any predictions or favorites so far?

Michelle: Yeah, I like Jael and Jaslene. They are fun because I met Jaslene on our cycle and then Jael seems really bomb crazy.

Amanda: I don’t really have a favorite. I think it would be Jaslene if I have one and I like Jael too. But no one has liked grabbed me and become my favorite yet.

BuddyTV: Well, any last words for the fans out there?

Amanda: I just want to say thank you because all of the support we’ve gotten from all the people that have recognized us. I hear so many good things and we really appreciate it and it’s really fun for us.

Michelle: Yeah thanks all.

(Interview conducted by Royce Yuen)

Royce Yuen

Interviewer, BuddyTV