LOST is picking up steam as it heads for it’s stunning two hour finale in May.  Locke has joined the Others and the Others – via Juliet – have joined the beach people.  We finally know a little bit more about what LOST‘s mysterious baddies are after, but their intentions, as well as their history with the Dharma Initiative, still remain a mystery.  Just how much can we expect to be revealed before LOST leaves the air for another season? Punch on through for an episode by episode break down of what to expect for the remainder of LOST season three!

3.17 – Catch-22 (Desmond Centered) – 4/18

Desmond gets a flash of the future and enlists Hurley, Charlie, and Jin to join him on a mysterious hike.  Hurley becomes suspicious that Desmond may be acting without everybody’s best interests in mind. Desmond’s vision reference the cable that Sayid, and later Hurley, found in season one.  If you’ll recall, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse told BuddyTV that a major reveal was coming up concerning that cable later on.   This episode will close with Desmond and the gang finding a mysterious parachutist named Naomi who may have compelling information concerning one of the current island occupants.

3.18 – D.O.C (Sun/Jin Centered) – 4/25

Juliet finds out that Sun is pregnant and tells her that women who conceive on the island could die if they carry to term.  Sun responds by telling her that the baby may not have been conceived on the island, in fact it may not even be Jin’s child.  So the two set off for the medical hatch to try to determine when the baby was conceived.  Meanwhile, Desmond and his crew scramble to save the life of the mysterious Naomi and are assisted by an old enemy, seems eye patch guy survived the fence after all.

3.19 – The Brig (Locke Centered) – 5/2

Locke slips away from the others and lures Sawyer away from the beach.  Flashbacks will reveal what Locke has been up to with the others since they abandoned their ‘village’.  In a secluded Dharma holding cell, Locke will bring Sawyer together with Anthony Cooper for a fate full encounter that will resolve a long standing season one mystery.  Meanwhile, Naomi will return to the beach with some alarming information concerning flight 815, but can she be trusted?

3.20 – The Man Behind the Curtain (Ben Centered) – 5/9

The past of the island is explored including how Dharma came to be there, why, and what the fateful ‘purge’ was really all about.   Flashbacks will show Ben through various ages up until adulthood.  The mysterious ‘Jacob’ will finally be revealed, and the question of whether any Dharma members still live will be revealed.

3.21 – The Truth About Lying / The Greatest Hits (Charlie Centric) – 5/16

Rescue is finally at hand for the survivors of Oceanic 815, but first someone must reconnect an underwater sonar beacon.  Despite his foretold death, Charlie volunteers.  Copious rumors suggest that Charlie dies in this episode, but some new rumors I’ve been hearing suggest that this is a huge misdirection and there will be another highly unexpected major character death instead.

3.22/3.23 – Through the Looking Glass (Jack Centric) – 5/23

This episode promises a Jack revelation of legendary proportions!  Also, there will finally be an en masse collision between the beach folk and the Other’s.   On the speculation end of things, folks are saying that the island folk will split into two factions themselves, one led by Jack, and one by Sawyer, but the division will be at the will of another, and for purposes no one will expect.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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