Teri and Ian Pollock, probably the best “older” team in the history of The Amazing Race, got a raw deal last night.  Through little, or no, fault of their own, the long-married couple got stuck in the Johannesburg airport on constant standby, while every other team but one flew out before them.  They were eliminated from The Amazing Race: All-Stars last night, and it was a shame.  Nonetheless, the couple was kind enough to stop by and talk to us at BuddyTV about their time on Amazing Race this season and the frustration of airport travel.

Below we have both the transcript of the interview, along with the full audio.

When you were first asked to be on All Stars how interested were you guys and did you have any apprehensions about going back on the show?

Ian: First words we said , “We’re in”.

Last night’s episode, it looked like some of the most frustrating moments I’ve ever seen on the show.  You know, the whole airport situation, was it as bad as it looked to us viewers?

Teri: Definitely just as bad, maybe worse.

Ian: I think worse.

Since it wasn’t any fault of your own, the whole stand-by situation, how frustrating is it to lose or be eliminated on something like that?

Ian: Very frustrating , when you don’t lose on your own racing abilities and you’re stuck in an airport with 10,000 people trying to get on flights, it’s very depressing.

Do you wish that this show safe guarded against this kind of thing so that its really about the race, because I think its safe to say  that you two are two of the strongest racers on the show or ever to be on the show, right?

Teri: Right, it would be nice if they could do that but I guess that it wouldn’t be reality.

Over the course of the season was there anything edited out that you wish  they had shown from you guys that they didn’t?

Teri: We were thrilled with our edits this time, they showed that we were determined people.
Ian: That we were a team, a life team and we work very well together and you know it was just sad [to be eliminated so early].

There wasn’t very much bad stuff to show about you guys, right?

Teri: Right! (laughter)

What would you two say your favorite place, on your first season or this season, ever to visit?

Ian:  For me, I got to tell you, it would have to be going back to Vietnam.

Teri:  I think I loved all the places, last season and our first season.  Our first season, in Portugal it was beautiful everywhere and to see all the cities that you might not normally go to on your own.

Ian: I really liked all of the places but the emotional thing about Vietnam is what brought that answer out,  there were just so many beautiful places though.

Any final words? Do you two have anything planned for the future that you might want to let us know about?

Ian: Teri and I are very much into adventure travel so keep your eyes open, you never know were we might show up.

(Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl)

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Oscar Dahl

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