It’s disappointing to see a team that’s done so well on The Amazing Race to be eliminated, more so when you come from first place to last in one leg. Steve and Allie went through just that last week: in the front of the pack for most of the race, they finished first two weeks ago in Seychelles, only to drop to last in Malaysia and get eliminated. You can blame the taxis for that.

It’s sad, since they were a really fun team to watch. I got a taste of that when I talked to them–it was good hearing them really have fun with each other. We chatted about those missing backpacks, their relationship with Joe and Heidi, and Allie’s plans to dance to the Amazing Race theme song at her wedding.

First off, a question I’m sure everybody’s going to ask: did you get your backpacks back?

Steve: We got our backpacks right after we were eliminated in Malaysia.

Who among you were the first to go, “why don’t we join The Amazing Race?” Who had to be convinced to join?

Allie: I was the one who said ‘Let’s apply, I haven’t seen a father/daughter team in a while!’ My dad said yes, never thinking we would get a call back. He was a little worried doing the show if he was to return to baseball but it winded up being the most incredible experience.

Allie, you previously said you were a huge Phil Keoghan fan. How was it meeting him for the first time in Los Angeles, and in the eight following legs?

Allie: I always thought he had the coolest job in the world and I loved the show. He was such a nice and funny guy who seems like a true family man.

Steve, was there ever a time when you approached the race the same way you approached your baseball career? After all, there are some similarities between the show and the World Series.

Steve: Yes. It was a grind and we took it one step at a time. We ran the race with honor. You are responsible for your own actions, just like in baseball.

You went from first place in the Seychelles to last place in Malaysia, eventually getting the boot. Did you ever blame yourselves for it?

Steve: It was just a case of bad luck and no one else making any mistakes. The order from first to last was literally reversed from the week before which just shows anyone can be out at any time.

Was there anything you wish you’ve done differently on the race?

Steve: We wish we had a different taxi driver in Malaysia.

Tell me about your relationship with Joe and Heidi. You seem to have found common interests throughout the race, as they told me a few weeks ago. Did you share the same opinion that the other teams, like Louie and Michael, had about them?

Allie: We had a great connection with Joe and Heidi. The fact that Heidi, my dad and I all went to Pepperdine gave us an instant bond. We didn’t realize during the race that they had targets on their backs. They are great family people and we truly helped each other out along the race.

Did you also get along well with the other teams?

Steve: We got along great with all the other teams and still talk to everybody. We connected with so many people since we were a male and female team of two different generations.

Of all the places you’ve been to on the race, which one are you most likely to return to?

Allie: We would love to go back to Seychelles. It was perfect paradise. Some of the top beaches in the world are there and the people were so kind!

Finally, Allie, you said that you wanted to use the Amazing Race theme song as the music to the father-daughter dance at your wedding. Have you both prepared steps for it?

Allie: I’m not getting married any time soon but I’m sure we can act out the funny stuff we did on the race, like painting the wrong house and duct-taping a car. I was originally joking about doing that but I think I will have a touching serious song then turn it into the Amazing Race theme song for fun!

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Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV