Easter eggs for this episode of Lost.

#9 Room 842

At the hotel in the altverse, Jin was given room 842, which is a combination of two of the Numbers, 8 and 42.


#8 Button Your Shirt

To seduce Jin, Sun unbuttoned her shirt and asked if he wanted her to button it back up. In the original timeline, one of their first moments as a couple on the Island was Jin ordering Sun to button her shirt.


#7 Sun in the Mirror

Like characters in all the other flash-sideways , Sun stares into the mirror and has a moment where she seems to see herself as she was in the original timeline.


#6 Danny’s Friend

Keamy refers to Mikhail as “Danny’s friend.” This could refer to several Lost characters including Other Danny Pickett, Dan’s off-Island lawyer Dan Norton, Daniel Faraday, or it could be short for Danielle Rousseau. In an unlikelier scenario, the probably father of Ana Lucia’s baby was also named Danny.


#5 Shoot Your Eye Out

During the gunfight with Jin, Mikhail is shot in his right eye. In the original timeline, Mikhail’s right eye is also missing.


#4 Miles Plays a Game

In what has to be a running joke this season, Miles is almost always seen on the Island wasting time playing games. He played Tic Tac Toe and Solitaire at the Temple, and here he plays Gun Rummy with Lapidus.


#3 Room 23

Jin is trapped in Room23 and turns on the subliminal message video Karl was shown, featuring the quotes “Think about your life,” “We are the cause of our own suffering” and “Everything changes.”


#2 “Whatever Happens, Happens”

Flocke tells Claire this as a suggestion that after the remaining Candidates are on board Ajira 316, he doesn’t care what she does to Kate. This is also a reference to the Kate-centric season 5 episode title, “Whatever Happened, Happened.”


#1 “There’s a War Coming”

Flocke tells Charles Widmore that a wise man once told him there was a war coming to the Island. That’s exactly what Widmore told the real Locke in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham,” adding that if Locke didn’t return, the wrong side would win.


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