Garret Dillahunt is everywhere.  The highly-regarded character actor has graced our television sets in a prolific manner in previous years, appearing on ER, Book of Daniel, Deadwood, John from Cincinnati, and now Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  He’s also been in some big films, including The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and No Country For Old MenLeven Rambin, on the other hand, is a new name, having gone from the soap opera world to landing a role on the new season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  We got a chance to speak with the two actors in person recently at the FOX Fall Press Junket about the upcoming Terminator season.

Below you will find the full mp3 audio of our conversation.

Highlights from the interview:

Leven plays a character named Riley.  She’s a regular high school girl who wants to be a friend of John Connor.  She’s not evil, and she’s a reality check for all the characters – she’s not involved with the terminators at all. 

Leven was not a fan of the Terminator franchise before getting the part. 

Garret thought taking the role of a robot would be easy, but it’s been much harder than he thought it would.  He’s playing a character that is “utterly fearless,” an aspect that he’s really enjoying.  Garret is trying to bring out a sense of humor to the character with the various technical glitches of Cromartie. 

This is the second series that Leven and Garret have done together (the first was Book of Daniel).  But, mostly Leven comes from the soap opera world.  The biggest difference between that and Terminator is that on a show like Terminator everything is far more unpredictable. 

Garret, with his increased presence in film, still likes to go from medium to medium.  He thinks that, in today’s media landscape, actors are freer to go from stage to TV to movies.  He’s a workaholic, and he likes to go after a good story. 

Leven is excited to simply bring her character’s presence to the show.  Her character is light-hearted, and she thinks that fans will get to see more humorous moments than in the first season.

Garret has gotten to do a lot more stunts this year than in the first season.  Cromartie is getting more manipulative in his attempt to find John.

George Lazlo is coming back to the show (the character whose body Cromartie stole).  Lazlo was a B-grade actor, and he’s getting blamed for the massacre of all the cops that happened at the end of season one.  As a result, all of Lazlo’s old and forgotten movies are receiving some new-found cult fame.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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