Kate and Pat are a very interesting couple.  Sixteen years apart, the long-together lesbian couple are happy, kind and seem like a very good time.  They are also both Episcopalian ministers.  Although their time on the show was short, it convinced the couple to make drastic changes in their lives, and since the race ended, both have lost over thirty pounds and are in the best shape of their lives.  The Amazing Race 12 is a physically demanding experience, one that Kate and Pat weren’t completely ready for.  The duo spoke with us this morning about their time on the show.

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Can you tell us a little bit about how you ended up on the show. Did CBS find you? Or did you try out like everyone else?

Kate: We sent in our picture, pretty much like everyone else.

Were you hesitant at all to go on the show? Was this your first time trying out?

Kate: This was our first time trying out and we were so eager to get on the show. We still can’t believe we were on the show. We wanted to be on it so badly and we were just excited to get through every step of the process.

My favorite moment from last night’s episode was when you guys said you were clearly religious, but you don’t have any illusions that God cares about who wins The Amazing Race. Is that a response to other reality TV show people talking about how God wants them to win and what not?

Pat: Yeah it is. We don’t really mean it as a put down to anybody who feels that way. I think a good example for me, is when we watched Jen and Nate on the first episode … and it’s like when all else fails, you know you’re connected. That God cares who wins or loses, that’s not part of what we believe. We do believe that God is in everything that we do … sometimes laughing. Sometimes we could hear God saying: ‘Ladies! You could have lost weight before you did this.’ (Laughter).

Kate: Definitely. We watch folks like, you know, football players pray for their team to win and I just think that’s kind of ridiculous.

What teams or team impressed you the most in your time on the race?

Kate: We definitely think the world of Lorena and Jason. We’re looking forward to seeing them go further. Marianna and Julia are strong women, there’s no doubt about that.

Pat: TK and Rachel are just plain sweet.

Kate: And they’re tough. They were very tough.

Was there anything edited out of the first two episodes involving you guys that you wish they would have aired?

Pat: Oh. Good question. But we’re not going to answer that.  (Laughter)

Kate: I think every team goes that way. There are cases in which we ran … you didn’t see much of that.

Pat : And how hard … I actually pushed Kate the whole way up to the pit stop.

Kate: Yeah. Last night’s episode in that bike. She pushed me the whole way and I was freezing cold and she was amazing.

You know, it did seem like the race took sort of a physical toll on you guys. How tough was it?

Pat: I think we were … I don’t know if I want to say disappointed, but that first leg was so physical and so exhausting. It’s pouring rain, a huge climb. Not much sleep because we didn’t get into the hotel. It’s two days long with very little food and very little sleep. That first leg was just so physical that we were already at the second probably not at our peak.

On last nights episode Ronald came across as pretty awful to Christina. You guys witnessed that a little bit it seemed when you were looking for the bikes, were you surprised at how bad CBS made him look last night or is that just what he’s like?

Kate: You know, we’re kind of more worried about Christina and hoping it goes well for her. He’s definitely hard on her.

Pat: Yeah. I think most of that stuff was just that he was definitely hard on her.

Kate: So I just hope it goes well for them. But yeah, that was a pretty true portrayal.

I know you guys didn’t get to visit too many places in the race but was there one place or town that kind of stood out for you guys as your favorite?

Pat: Oh yeah. We’d go back to the Island in a heart beat and spend some time there.

Kate: We did get to the top of the hill and had a chance to look around and even in the pouring rain, it was a beautiful sight. To kind of just put down roots and build a history there would have been nice.

Pat: Yeah, there was a lot of … we did get a chance to look at some tourist thing sin the airport while we were waiting and everything and there were some really old Celtic sights and stuff out there that we would have loved to have gone and visited.

What are you guys up to now? Is everything kind of back to normal in your lives?

Kate: Yeah. We’ll it’s not back to normal in the sense that we have completely changed our lives. Like Pat said, she’s lost 40lbs and I’ve lost 30lbs. We’re so much healthier. We’re stronger. The physical changes in our lives have been very very powerful.

Cool. So you guys are ready for another Amazing Race All-Stars, huh?

Pat: Oh yea. We want them to do an over-50 all-stars.

Kate: We would win that so fast.

Pat: We would rock that over 50. Both partners have to be over 50.

Kate: Yeah. Both partners over 50 because you know Nicholas carries Don’s pack … you know, Donald’s half the way.       

Pat: Not to take away from Don’s accomplishments.

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
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