Brown team Curtis and Mallory entered The Biggest Loser competition with a combined weight of 598 pounds.  In the first episode, the husband and wife did well in both challenges and ranked at the top of the pack after the weigh in.  This week, they made a fatal mistake.  Host Alison Sweeney separated the contestants from their partners.  One at a time, they were brought to a barbecue buffet where they had 4 minutes to consume as many calories as they wished.  Whoever consumed the most would win $5,000. 

Most of the players opted out of eating but Mallor decided against her better judgement to eat.  As a result, she gained one pound while her husband (who chose not to eat) lost 3 pounds.  A 2 pound weight loss put them behind the yellow line and their competitors decide to send them home, feeling they would be a good support system for each other on the outside.  Today, Curtis and Mallory spoke to BuddyTV about their time on the show, the temptation challenge, and life after The Biggest Loser.

Curtis and Mallory agreed that they needed The Biggest Loser in order to lose a significant amount of weight.  “I wanted to go on The Biggest Loser for the opportunity to lose weight in an environment relieved of daily stresses and distractions that keep me from attempting to exercise,” she told BuddyTV.  Curtis has been a fan since the show first started but never made it to a casting call until season 5.

In order to be on the show, the couple needed to leave their children behind, a choice that was very difficult for them.  “It was tough on the girls, but they made us proud by being as supportive as they were,” Curtis said.  “The girls were always proud of us and knew that we would finally succeed in weight loss if we took time for ourselves to accomplish this goal,” Mallory agreed. “Each of them continued to encourage us and say that they wanted us to stay and lose the weight.”

The temptation challenge became the team’s undoing but Curtis doesn’t harbor any ill feelings towards his wife for choosing to eat.  “I can never be upset at Mallory, she gives things a tremendous amount of thought,” he confessed.  “I had mentioned briefly how difficult a food challenge would be, so she assumed when we found out it was a food challenge that I would go for it. I love her for that, that’s what a teammate is supposed to do.”

Mallory wishes that she had gone with her first instinct was not to eat anything at all but knows she can’t change the past.  Since being home, the couple “take the kids to jog at the park, and exercise at home,” she says.  “Its a priority now before everything else!”  Curtis summed up life after The Biggest Loser best by saying, “I’m on cloud nine!”

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV