Ethan Rom is a character that, clearly, the guys at Lost just love.  Or maybe they just love William Mapother, the actorwho plays Ethan.  Any opportunity to bring in Mapother for an episode is one the writers jump on.  As I’ve been re-watching the entirety of Lost’s third season, it’s incredible how many flashbacks Ethan appears in.  He’s creepy every time.  In this week’s new Lost Mobisode, the title is self explanatory.  Jack meets Ethan for the first time in the very earliest days on the island for survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.  The Mobisode is solely credited to show runner Damon Lindelof, though I would offer that it’s not Damon’s best work.

Jack is searching through bags, looking for medicine.  Ethan shows up, introduces himself and shows him a bag full of medicine.  Jackpot.  Ethan says he’s glad that someone is looking out for the long term.  He scoffs at the other survivors who still believe they’ll be rescued.  Ethan points out the very pregnant Claire on the beach and discusses the possibility of Jack having to deliver her baby.  Jack acknowledges this, then says that now he knows he’ll have an assistant.  Ethan gets very uncomfortable at the sound of this, and Jack apologizes.  Ethan gets up, is about to leave, but then explains that his wife and child died in childbirth. 

I liked this Mobisode.  Ethan is an interesting character, one that over the first three seasons we’ve gotten to learn more and more about.  That he was an Other, that he’s a surgeon, that he worked for Mittelos on the mainland, and now, maybe we learned something more – that his wife was one of the many pregnant women to die on the island.  Of course, he could have been lying, as others are wont to do. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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