It’s just not a season of a reality show unless one contestant gets arrested at some point after appearing on said show. American Idol has Jessica Sierra, Survivor has Richard Hatch, and Laguna Beach has Jason Wahler. Now, the folks at America’s Next Top Model can add themselves to that list. This weekend, season 1 contestant Elyse Sewell and her boyfriend, Martin Crandall of the rock band The Shins, found themselves in trouble with the law.

According to the former reality contestant’s blog on, she and her boyfriend had an argument that turned violent in Sacramento. Elyse says that she escaped the hotel room but the story didn’t end there. “Because he had a bite mark, inflicted in self-defense, on his arm, Marty told the police to PRESS CHARGES OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST ME. Now I am a felon,” she wrote. Sewell spent the night in jail and went to court today where she faced the charges against her.

She has since taken the post down detailing the events of the argument and the arrest but wrote to her fans today saying, “The D.A. has rejected the case against me. I am free. I wish the same outcome for Marty and have no intention of pursuing any further legal action. I would not wish entanglement in the widening gyre of the American legal system upon my worst enemy.”

As for her legal woes turning into public knowledge, Sewell can only blame herself and is the first to admit that.  “It was incredibly naive of me not to realize that my blog entry about this incident would become tabloid fodder. That was not my intention,” she said.  “I consider the small circle of people who frequent this LJ to be a support group; the much larger world of tabloid readers is certainly not. I will never speak of this again, nor malign Marty in this space. And tomorrow this’ll be fishwrap.” 

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: LiveJournal, RealityTV World
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Gina Scarpa

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