America’s Next Top Model contestant Brittany Hatch does not want to be just another pretty face.  What exactly she wants to be instead is unclear.  On last night’s episode, Brittany landed in the bottom two, along with Analeigh, after a sexy swimsuit photo shoot.  Tyra felt that Brittany was unable to connect with the camera and sent her packing.  Today, Brittany talked to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview, dishing on her fight with Elina, her thoughts on Isis, and exactly what she hopes to do in the fashion world now that her time on Top Model is over.

Hey everybody. This is Gina from BuddyTV, and today I’m talking to Brittany from America’s Next Top Model. Can you tell me if being a model was something that you always wanted to do growing up?

Yes. Being a model is something that I always wanted to do growing up. I was always told that I should be one. I think over time, growing up and maturing, I finally got the confidence to where I was like, ‘this is something I set out to do.’ I think I have what it takes and it’s something I work for.

You talked a lot on last night’s episode about people always saying that you’re a pretty girl. What about that bothers you so much?

It wasn’t necessarily that. It was more in depth than people just saying that I’m just a pretty girl. It was like that’s all that they saw, and to me, there’s so much more to me than just, “Oh, you’re just a pretty girl.” The fashion industry and high fashion, what I got from Tyra was, pretty girls, regular pretty girls do catalog. What I had in mind was I want to do high fashion. I wasn’t just saying that there was anything wrong with being a pretty girl. I just wanted to be more than just that in me.

What were you hoping that the judges would see in you that was more than that?

That I could do other things outside of just catalog or just having an average, pretty-girl type of look because I know that that wasn’t necessarily the look that they were looking for.

In the high fashion world, did you have a goal? Like, a certain designer that you would want to work with, or an ad that you would want to appear in, in a magazine?

Actually, I always wanted to be an Angel. I’ve always wanted to be an Angel.

You and Elina ended up getting into a fight on last night’s episode about her comments about her mother. Did you guys ever resolve that argument?

Yes. We actually did immediately after it happened. Elina and I talked. We were on good terms before I left the show. I apologized if it seemed like I was being disrespectful, if I came across the wrong way. I told her I was wrong for doing so, and I apologized for what I said. Her and I, we both talked, and we left on very good terms. I apologized to her. We were cool after we left.

It seems like everybody has an opinion about Isis being on the show. What was your take on having her in the competition?

I got to know Isis, and she was a very beautiful, very wonderful person. She was in the competition just like the other 12 girls. As far as I was concerned, I looked at her as a competitor as well. She must be doing something right to be in this competition. Isis being transgender or not, she was in the competition and she was a fair competitor, I believe.

Were you happy with the makeover that Tyra chose for you?

Yes, I was very happy. I was satisfied. I loved it. I absolutely loved it.

Do you think that your photo was weak enough in this week’s photoshoot that you should have been the one to get sent home? Did you agree with the judges’ decision?

Honestly, I personally thought that it was a very good photo. I liked it, but I guess my opinion doesn’t really matter.

What’s the biggest lesson that you think you learned that you’ll apply to modeling in the future?

Watching your mouth, one of them, and just making sure whatever I come with, I make sure I come with it, 100 percent. And that I am more confident. Everything that Tyra told me to go home and do, I’ve been doing. I’ve been studying, I’ve been watching, I’ve been practicing because I do want to be a top model, still, even though I didn’t make it on the show. I’m still aspiring to be a model. And so, I’ve picked everything she taught me and everything she told me and I’m applying it right now.

Alright. Good luck, Brittany, and thank you so much.

No problem. You have a good day.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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