“Requiem of the Rose King” is generating excitement from fans worldwide. This upcoming Japanese anime series is trending thanks to its captivating plot and will feature many royal characters, including Richard III, Henry VI, Queen Margaret, William Catesby, and Prince Edward of Lancaster. 

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In this article, discover the anime’s premiere date and plot, where to watch, the anime’s producers, and the role of the BuddyTV platform in keeping you well informed about anime news.

Requiem of the Rose King | Official Trailer

When Will the Requiem of the Rose King Anime Premiere?

The much-anticipated premiere date of the anime series is Jan. 9, 2022. It’ll air on several television networks for two consecutive hours. 

Where Can You Watch the Requiem of the Rose King Anime?

If you’re keen to watch “Requiem of the Rose King” on the premiere date, you can enjoy the show on Japanese networks like SUN, Tokyo MX, and KBS Kyoto. Meanwhile, BS11 will air the anime TV series on Jan. 11, 2022. Outside Japan, the show’s episodes and spoilers are available via Crunchyroll’s official website, an anime streaming service.

Viz Media, a U.S.-based manga distributor and publisher, acquired the rights to release the English version of the “Requiem of The Rose King” TV series. J.C. Staff also issued licenses to other production companies to release the series in French, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian.

Who Will Produce the Requiem of the Rose King Anime?

J.C. Staff is the company producing the “Requiem of the Rose King” anime. This Japanese animation production company boasts many popular anime productions, such as “The Familiar of Zero,” “Azumanga Daioh,” and “Shakugan no Shana.”

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“Azumanga Daioh” is certainly one of the most popular releases from the J.C. Staff stable. Released in 2002, this comedy series featured 130 segments (four minutes each) that formed part of the show’s 26 episodes.

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The anime studio has become synonymous with captivating animation productions, thanks to its highly talented illustrators and other production staff. Its releases typically draw inspiration from various aspects of the Japanese lifestyle. In addition, some of its productions, such as “Requiem of the Rose King,” portray events and cultures from other regions, including Europe.

Requiem of the Rose King

What Is Requiem of the Rose King About?

Shakespeare’s Richard III and Henry VI: Part III inspired the production of “Requiem of the Rose King.” The TV anime adaptation’s plot chronicles how Richard, a House of York family member, grapples with a perceived curse. This belief leads him toward a path of personal destruction as he stands between good and evil. Meanwhile, the King of England experiences conflicting emotions about the House of Lancaster and the House of York. Both houses believe that their rightful leader is Prince Richard III.

In the anime series, Richard is an intersex individual whose mother despises him, while he revels in his father’s adoration. As an heir to the throne, he’s passionate about becoming the king despite the spirits that haunt him. Also, the plot paints Richard as an individual who forms unintentional and unsustainable alliances with his enemies.

Written by Hiroki Uchida and directed by Kentaro Suzuki, the show stands out as an unusual anime adaptation of historical fiction, more so that it reimagines influential works of classic European stories, such as Shakespeare’s “Richard III.” This TV series adds new twists to Richard III’s rise and fall. “Requiem of the Rose King” earned its television adaptation spin-off after becoming popular with Japan’s Shoujo manga fans; the manga series ran in Akita Shoten’s monthly Princess Magazine. It’s no wonder many fans expect a TV series filled with thrills, romance, and riveting action.

Based on the manga synopsis and graphic novels, the show further narrates the conflict between Richard and his kin as they compete for the throne of England. This feud sees the houses of York and Lancaster wrestle for royal supremacy. The series invokes true Shoujo drama by pitting Richard against several members of the British royal family, including Henry. 

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Overall, “Requiem of the Rose King” should provide a thrilling account of how Richard deals with various conflicts of love, politics, and the spirit.

Requiem of the Rose King Main Characters

Originally written by Otomen manga creator Aya Kanno, the series comes with a wide selection of royal characters drawn from Shakespeare’s Richard III and Henry IV (Part III).

These characters include: 

Mitsuki Saiga as Richard III
Mitsuki Saiga as Richard III

Hikaru Midorikawa as Henry VI
Hikaru Midorikawa as Henry VI

Sho Hayami as Richard Plantagenet (Duke of York)
Sho Hayami as Richard Plantagenet (Duke of York)

Kousuke Toriumi as Edward IV of York
Kousuke Toriumi as Edward IV of York

Yasuaki Takumi as George, Duke of Clarence
Yasuaki Takumi as George, Duke of Clarence

Satoshi Mikami as the Earl of Warwick
Satoshi Mikami as the Earl of Warwick

Satoshi Hino as William Catesby
Satoshi Hino as William Catesby

Sayaka Ohara as Queen Margaret
Sayaka Ohara as Queen Margaret

Kōhei Amasaki as Edward of Westminster
Kōhei Amasaki as Edward of Westminster


Other notable characters include:

  • Isabelle Neville
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Prince Edward of Lancaster
  • Joan of Arc
  • Anne Neville
  • Cecily Neville (Duchess of York)

Here’s a closer look at the leading characters in the Shakespearean production:

  • Richard III: Richard is the main protagonist who feels alienated due to his intersex status but remains ambitious about becoming the last Yorkist king of England. He’s Richard Duke of York’s third-born son and the youngest sibling of George and Edward IV. “Requiem of the Rose King” title refers to the historical wars of the roses, which pitted Richard against his enemies. In addition, it refers to Richard’s intersex status since flowers feature both female and male reproductive organs.

  • Henry VI: Henry VI is the King of England and leads the House of Lancaster. In the series, this character depicts the King of England differently. In the show, Henry despises strife and war, attracting accusations of cowardice.

  • Queen Margaret: This character is a family member of the House of Lancaster. As the wife of Henry VI, she depicts the life of Margaret of Anjou. Margaret gradually becomes distant from her husband Henry in the anime show as she develops stronger feelings for her former lover William. The rift between her and Henry is due to her husband’s perceived cowardice and physical weakness, who loathes war and killings.

  • William Catesby: Catesby works for Richard III as a servant. He assumes the role when Richard is still an infant, making it easier for Catesby to become a loyal caretaker. Richard trusts Catesby with his secret as the servant. At one point, Catesby proves his loyalty by taking Master Hastings’ head.

  • Queen Elizabeth: She’s a widow who eventually becomes the Queen of England after marrying Edward VI. She secretly harbors revenge for the untimely demise of her first husband, Sir John Grey, who died in a war. The anime’s plot differs from the dark fantasy play in that it portrays Elizabeth as a conniving individual looking to destroy the House of York. In William Shakespeare’s play, Elizabeth is more sympathetic and becomes a victim of Richard’s political ambition.

  • Anne Neville: Anne is Warwick’s last-born daughter. In her first marriage, she was Prince Edward’s wife before tying the knot with Richard III. At one point, she encounters a small albino boar while walking alone in a nearby forest. At the same time, Richard III arrives on the scene, and she mistakes him for a poacher in her family’s forest. Later, Anne reveals her identity to Richard, who isn’t aware she is the Earl of Warwick’s daughter. The duo later spends time together at a banquet where they opt to share ideas about fighting instead of learning dance moves.

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