It’s been eight years since the first episode of “Are You The One?” (AYTO) premiered. Although the dating show didn’t hit mainstream fame immediately, it’s built a steady following and widely dispersed fan base over the years — even getting its own spin-off, “Are You The One: Second Chances.”

The dating series remains a fan-favorite among other series like “Ex on the Beach.” Some have even said this could be regarded as one of the best dating-style TV shows witnessed in the last decade. Many fans have likened it to “The Real World,” considered the OG of reality TV. Others may disagree, but no doubt, AYTO is one of the most entertaining dating shows you’ll watch. 

If you’re a fan or someone interested in diving into this dating series, you probably have some questions. What’s AYTO been up to these days? Was the show paused due to the pandemic?

This article will answer these and other questions you may have. You’ll also find a discussion around the contestants, recent updates, where you can catch previous seasons, and more.

Where Can You Watch “Are You the One?”

You can catch some seasons of AYTO on Hulu, Netflix, CBS, and Amazon Prime Video. However, if you want all available episodes in one place, your go-to platform is Paramount Plus. While you’ll need to be a subscriber, “Are You The One?” is surely worth the investment.  

What Is “Are You the One?” About?

“Are You the One?” is a reality TV show produced by MTV. Like most dating reality TV shows, AYTO brings contestants together in a house with everyone shooting for a common goal — to find true love and win big money. 

Imagine being on the challenge: You find yourself on a love island for a few weeks, mingling with other people and taking part in fun activities. In the end, you have a shot at winning some prize money and also journey back home with your perfect match.

In a unique way, AYTO stands out from other “hot singles in a house” reality shows in that the producers of the show pair up the singles using a specialized matchmaking algorithm before the show commences. As soon as the contestants begin to live together, they each need to figure out their individual perfect matches. They go through several matchup ceremonies — like the truth booth — to discover if a couple has been correctly paired. 

In the end, contestants get to share a $1 million cash prize if they identify every perfect match. 

About the Hosts of “Are You the One?”

Here’s a bit about the hosts of “Are You the One?”

Ryan Devlin:

Ryan Devlin

Born in Michigan in 1980, Ryan Patrick Devlin is a reality TV host, actor, and producer. Ryan was the host of “Are You The One?” seasons one through five between 2014 and 2017.

Before hosting AYTO, Ryan featured in “Cougartown” as Smith Frank. However, his biggest feature is probably “Brothers and Sisters,” where he played the role of Seth.

He has also featured in several other TV series, such as “Big Shots,” “Veronica Mars,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Jane the Virgin.” Outside the TV world, Ryan does social impact work. He co-founded This Saves Lives, an organization committed to ending severe acute malnutrition. 

Ryan is married to Kara Holden, a screenwriter, and loves his role as a father.

Terrence Jenkins:

Terrance Jenkins

Born in 1982, Terrence Jenkins is an American actor, TV host, model, and entertainment reporter. Terrence J, as he’s popularly called, took over from Ryan as the host of AYTO for seasons six through eight. 

Before hosting AYTO, Terrence was co-anchor of “E! News” between 2012 and 2015. He’s best known for his music video countdown show on BET — “106 & Park.”

As an actor, Terrence has featured in several movies and TV shows, such as “Think Like a Man,” “Think Like a Man Too,” “The Perfect Match,” and “Safeword.”

How Many “Are You the One?” Seasons and Episodes Are There?

So far, there have been eight seasons of this MTV series — 88 episodes in all. Here’s a quick highlight of the seasons that have aired so far.

  • Season 1: AYTO season one premiered on Jan. 21, 2014. The show had 10 episodes, and the finale aired on March 25, 2014. The show was filmed in Kauai, Hawaii. The first set of contestants to grace the show included Chris Scali, Chris T., Paige, Kayla, Shanley, Simone, Brittany, Jacy, Ethan, and Amber.
  • Season 2: This season also had 10 episodes, which aired between Oct. 6 and Dec. 8, 2014.
  • Season 3: After about a nine-month break, AYTO returned with season three, which aired between Sept. 24 and Nov. 18, 2015. The show had 10 episodes.
  • Season 4: Season four aired between June 13 and Aug. 22, 2016. The season also had 10 episodes.
  • Season 5: AYTO returned for its fifth season on Jan. 11, 2017.  The season had 10 episodes, with the finale being on March 3, 2017.
  • Season 6: Season six aired between Sept. 20 and Dec. 6, 2017. It had 12 episodes. 
  • Season 7: Season seven aired between Aug. 15 and Nov. 7, 2018. It had 14 episodes and was the longest of all the seasons. 
  • Season 8: The last season of AYTO aired between June 26 and Sept. 9, 2019. It had 12 episodes.

Was “Are You The One?” Canceled?

It has certainly been a while since the finale of AYTO season eight in 2019. The question on the lips of fans is whether it will renew for a new season — and if so, when? 

From what we’ve gathered, the show has been placed on hold following a sexual assault claim made by one of the contestants of the AYTO season five. 

During an interview with The Daily Beast, Gianna Hammer alleged that she was drugged and assaulted by one of the cast members during the production of AYTO season five.

Following these allegations, MTV paused production and casting for a new season. A statement by an MTV spokesperson read, “We take these issues very seriously and have paused production/casting to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations . . . and further review our internal safety protocols.”

Not only was production for a new season paused, but MTV also removed AYTO season five from streaming platforms following Gianna’s allegations. 

As it stands, the production of a new season will likely remain on hold until the allegations have been thoroughly investigated and the truth uncovered. 

BuddyTV will keep you informed if there are any new developments.

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