In the episode entitled “The Hardness of Mother,” Cookie tries to manage life after her recent heart attack, but Lucious is so scared he’ll lose her again he keeps getting in her way. Meanwhile, Jamal’s star falls a little further and is disappointed to hear that his fans have turned a deaf ear to his new music, while Tianna lets her soaring star go to her head. And Shyne talks to Hakeem about mentoring a new act.

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Love Under New Management

During a family dinner at the Lyons’ castle, Cookie ask Lucious to attempt to forgive Andre so he can come home. Jamal and Hakeem look on silently while their parents discuss Andre. Cookie reminds Lucious he’s a difficult man to live with and everyone who has ever loved him has considered ending his life at some point. He promises to try with Dre and presents Cookie with a new gold watch.

Lucious continues trying to show Cookie he has changed. He works with Andre to figure out what Eddie plans for Empire Entertainment are so they can stop him. While Dre and his father go see Celeste about Eddie, an alarm on the gold watch Lucious gave Cookie goes on off. Lucious calls home to find out what has Cookie’s blood pressure so elevated. His queen is not happy to discover that her new trinket monitors her every move. After getting Lucious off the phone, she takes the watch off and demands that Porsha wear it in her place. As soon as she takes the watch off, Lucious calls again and tells her to put the watch back on or else. Cookie acts like the ordeal is getting on her nerves, but it’s easy to tell she’s happy Papa Lyons cares enough about her welfare to get her a “snitching ass watch” to keep tabs on her.

Becky’s in the Driver’s Seat

While Porsha shadows Cookie to make sure she’s not breaking any of the orders Lucious and the doctor set for her, Becky keeps things running smoothly at Empire Entertainment. She goes toe to toe with Tianna, Hakeem, and Jamal. Becky maintains control and holds her own against the stars.

Poundcakes and Cookies on Memory Lane

Porsha takes a call from one of Cookie’s old cellmates named China. Porsha tells Cookie she’s called frequently since the news broke that she was in the hospital. Cookie decides that a diversion is just what the doctor ordered to take her mind off of her troubles. She sends a car to pick China up for an afternoon visit. After a bit of small talk, China tells Cookie their friend and nemesis, Poundcake, is dying from cancer in prison. Mama Lyons manages to slip the Fitbit to Porsha without alerting Lucious and sets off to go make amends with Poundcake in prison.

When Cookie asks the nurse about seeing Sarah Lee (Poundcake’s real name) it brings a little comic relief to the scene.

Cookie promises to bring Poundcake’s daughter to her before she dies. After leaving the prison, Cooke goes to see the corrections officer who raped Poundcake and fathered her baby. Thirsty finds Bo Burleson for Cookie. Mrs. Burleson is delighted to have a celebrity visiting and rushes off to the kitchen to get refreshments for the impromptu visit. While she’s in the kitchen, Cookie demands answers about the baby’s whereabouts. She threatens to tell Mrs. Burleson if the former doesn’t tell her the truth. Bo tells Cookie mixed babies were put in Hope House. Before Cookie can leave, Mrs. Burleson returns with lemonade and Sara Lee poundcake. There’s an entire grove of shade trees in this scene. Mrs. Burleson poured up the right beverage for this little chat. You either have to serve tart and tangy lemonade or ice cold tea when your husband’s sins are being revealed. It’s exactly what the occasion called for. Oh, the shade of it all.

Where there’s Hope

Cookie finds out from Thirsty that the former corrections officer gave her about Hope House is true. She goes back to the front door and tells Mrs. Burleson her husband is a rapist and monster who had a child by an inmate named Poundcake. Mrs. Burleson doesn’t seem shocked when Cookie shows her a picture of Poundcake. Maybe that lemonade and pound cake wasn’t a coincidence.

Andre and Lucious go to see Eddie’s second wife, Celeste and play good cop, bad cop in hope’s she’ll give them information on her ex-husband’s plans. She can’t stand Lucious and hurls insults at him until they leave the tennis court. Andre finds Celeste in the restaurant of the country club and apologizes for his father’s behavior. He mentions his father just felt wanted to be transparent about the canceled sale of Empire Entertainment if she was the owner of She Dragon.

Andre Gets the She Dragon to Talk

When Celeste hears the name of her company, her interest is sparked. She sends her lunch companion away and Andre sets the trap for her. He explains that the deal was off and then baits the hook by using Celeste’s jealousy of Giselle (Eddie’s third wife) against her. Andre leads her to believe Eddie promised Giselle stock points, benefits, and a job with a salary of over $400,000. Lucious gets in on the act by pretending to read the details off of a blank piece of paper Andre hands to him.

Hakeem Takes an Apprentice

Shyne takes an interest in a new artist at Empire Entertainment. He asks Hakeem to mentor the young rapper and teach him the ropes. At first Hakeem declines.

The young man comes in to apologize for Shyne pushing him on Hakeem. They get into a freestyle battle and he earns the respect of the youngest Lyon cub. Hakeem and Shyne record a single with him. Later, he thinks it’s time to celebrate with a trip to the strip club with all the guys. Hakeem tells him his first lesson is paying his dues. Hakeem leaves his protégé in the studio to clean up the mess they created while recording.

Tianna’s Tainted Crown

Tianna is probably the only person at Empire Entertainment that hasn’t caught wind of Eddie’s standing with the Lyons. She’s still convinced that Eddie is her ticket to superstardom. She got a lot of air this episode, most of which she spent snipping at people and putting them in check like she was the queen bee, or heir to the throne.

Hakeem tries to tell her to dial it back a notch but she doesn’t listen. He realizes the nonsense Eddie put in her head is why she’s so miserable and why she turned down his marriage proposal. He shakes his head but before he walks offs he encourages her to be nicer to people and get some rest. However, he doesn’t tell her Eddie might not be able to make any of his promises come true.

All of Tianna’s screen time makes one wonder if she’ll turn out to be Poundcake’s daughter. She’s about the right age and appearance would play well into that twist if the writers took the plot in that direction.

Cookie Reaches to the Future

When Lucious comes home, he finds Cookie working in the dining room. He fusses at her about working and she tells him she’s sending money to some of the women she did time with. She doesn’t tell him everything about her day, but she shares with him how much her health scare has changed her. She tells Lucious she loves him but she can’t go back to the way things used to be with them. He thinks she’s breaking up with him. She explains that’s the furthest thing from her mind. But she needs honesty, respect, love and monogamy. They embrace and kiss with tears streaming down their faces.

Should Lucious forgive Andre? Whose wrath should Eddie fear more Celeste or Lucious Lyons? Is Jamal’s career over? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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