Great news for Joss Whedon fans around the world! After enjoying huge success with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel, as well as bringing sci-fi fan favorite Firefly to the big screen with Serenity, Whedon has another creation in the works, and it could be on the air as early as this spring.

Even better, the new series entitled Dollhouse will star Eliza Dushku, who played the Buffyverse’s rogue vampire slayer Faith.

Dushku may have been the one responsible for convincing Whedon to come back to television. She signed a development deal with FOX in August and invited her former boss out to lunch.

“Eliza was wearing a hat with a big spiraling wheel on it, and she kept saying, ‘Look into the wheel. You want to make television. You want it to be about me….’ It sounds hokey, but it really worked,” Whedon told TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello.

Whedon is the creator, head writer and producer of the new series, and Dushku will also have a producer credit.

The new project will be a suspense drama about a high-tech lab, nicknamed the Dollhouse, where a group of human chalkboards are kept between assignments. They are called human chalkboards because they can instantly be given new memories, skills and personalities, and then stripped of them just as quickly. Eliza Dushku will play a chalkboard named Echo.

The drama is part Alias and part Quantum Leap “because Echo is literally changing who she is,” Whedon explained.

“Echo is essentially the story of my life,” Dushku said. “I’ve lived a crazy life the past 16 years, traveling around the world and then tripping and falling into this business. Everyone wants you to transform and be a different person every week.”

Whedon didn’t sound too worried about working with the FOX network again, even after FOX prematurely turned the lights out on Firefly.

“I told them I was interested in writing a pilot, and they gave me seven episodes. They’ve already shown more support for it than I have,” Whedon said.

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