On yesterday’s All My Children, after JR goes too far with Ava, she frantically goes to Jonathan, asking to be married as soon as possible.  Zach and Kendall find out that Spike’s ear infection has cleared up and he can get his cochlear implants.  Krystal finds out that Tad and Hannah were together the previous night.

All My Children: October 31 Recap

Aidan confronts JR for trying to run Greeenlee out of Fusion and send her on a wild goose chase for her embryos.  Erica makes a phone call to get Greenlee committed as soon as possible.  When Greenlee shows up to talk to Ryan, everyone makes a quick exit to get away from her.  Once she has him alone, she says they need to talk about babies.

Greenlee and Erica face off, but Kendall walks in to finish things with her.  Her mom steps in and says that she’ll be taking care of things.  Two men in white coats come in and take her away in a straitjacket.  Unfortunately for Erica, it was just a daydream and Greenlee is still walking around Pine Valley.  JR works his manipulative charm on Aidan.  Greenlee struggles being back in Ryan’s house and talks to him about the night of the blackout.

Annie goes to Richie with information that could help his (possible) battle with leukemia.  Ryan apologizes to Greenlee for not being there for her.  She misunderstands him, though, and he tells her that they’re not a family anymore and they never will be.  He tells her that Spike can have the surgery and she’s grateful for the information.  She also finds out that he doesn’t hate her but he blew their relationship and now, it’s time for both of them to move on.

Richie is on to the fact that he is being watched but Annie says she is not scared of him.  He asks her what she’s going to do if he’s really dying because he’ll just take her with him.  Erica promises Kendall that she will be safe from Greenlee.  Annie pleads with Richie to get better, as opposed to just giving up on life.  Knowing that her mother is on her side, Kendall leaves feeling much better and calmer.  Greenlee meets up with Aidan and JR, telling JR that she doesn’t want the embryos.  She wants to move forward.  Aidan laughs right in JR’s face, who tells Greenlee that she made a mistake.

Ryan shows up to tell Richie that he’ll be going on a trip.  Erica is warned that she risks going to prison for what she’s about to do to Greenlee.  Kendall overhears Greenlee talking about having Ryan’s baby, but she was being sarcastic.  Too bad Kendall didn’t realize that.

On tomorrow’s All My Children,  Zach tells JR to find another backer.

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