Detective Don Flack, portrayed by Eddie Cahill on CSI: NY, has had a lot on his plate these past few seasons.  He has encountered some serious storylines, getting critically injured and even clashing over a complicated case with serious repercussions with a colleague.  But as the forensic drama heads into the fourth season, the witty homicide detective will soon be dealing with a possible romance.

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Despite the hesitation, Cahill reveals that there are a lot of things coming up for his character.  In fact, he’ll be engaging in some flirtation with NYPD Homicide Detective 3rd Grade Jennifer Angell (Emmanuelle Vaugier), a detective who sometimes briefs the CSIs at their crime scenes.

“I will say this: there is an episode, either 6 or 7, and I don’t want to give it away but there is a moment of flirtation that takes place between Flack and a character we’re familiar with,” Cahill told CSI Files.

“I don’t know where that’s going, but there certainly was something there.  And to me that would be interesting, because that’s something you could really go with a la Danny [Carmine Giovinazzo] and Lindsay [Anna Belknap], but different,” he added.

At present, the NY actor isn’t sure about what’s going to happen to his “flirtation” with Angell but says that there’s a lot of potential in their storyline.  While busting crimes and exploring cases always come first, he’s always open to the idea of a budding love interest.

“I think there are ideas being kicked around, but there are just so many channels those ideas have to get through to make its way to the TV.  I think it could be interesting.  I’ll leave that door open.  If it’s a friendship, if it’s a love relationship, whatever it is, I think it’s cool to have relationships that go beyond the call of duty,” the NY actor said.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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