What is it exactly that you want, Maryann?

Oh, don’t tell me, if ever you’ve read the books.  Maybe it’s taken too long, but I still don’t have an idea what Maryann actually wants from Sam.  True Blood ended last week with a bull mask and a sword, and the only answer I can plausibly think of is that he’ll have his head cut off.  But of course, that wouldn’t happen.  Not to Sam, at least.  I’m just waiting for their story to come full circle, and I can’t wait for that time to come–all the hedonist tendencies are starting to creep me out.

But finally, the other thing I’ve been waiting for has happened: everything starts to collide.  Recap time: Sookie infiltrates the Fellowship and finds herself imprisoned, Jason infiltrates Sarah’s heart and doesn’t find himself imprisoned, and the rest is a blur.  I’m waiting for the day when the siblings meet up and wonder what one is doing there, and perhaps, intervention from Bill–oh, Lorena, don’t be such a flirt–and, most definitely, Eric.  The Eric-Sookie story is happening.  Go jump up and down.

On tonight’s True Blood, it’ll continue to move forward to a collide point.  The one thing I’m interested with tonight is Jason’s decision to cut off his ties to the Fellowship.  The reasons, at least according to the official synopsis, is that he’ll be “crossing a church line,” which most probably means his belief in the way of the Sarah will be discovered.  I’m guessing that because the slowly maniacal Rev. Newlin’s gonna stop him.  So what, he’ll be dumped in the same place as Sookie, too?  Full circle?

In other news, Sookie tries to get to Bill, but in Lorena’s words, “you can’t overpower your maker.”  I think that’s the quote; I’m not sure.  Oh, and Sam, terribly unlucky Sam.  I suggest he turn to a dog again because everyone else is too delirious to see him shift and run away.  That makes sense, right?

That, and me waiting for the next Hoyt-Jessica development–I’m really loving this story, or is it her?–on tonight’s True Blood, from 9pm on HBO.  Second half of the series, folks.  I don’t really have much to say because it’s still picking up.  At least we get a third season.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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