April is coming. HBO announced today that the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones will return for season 6 in April 2016, but that may not be the only thing that’s returning. Check out this new poster that shows a less-than-dead but still bloody Jon Snow (Kit Harington).

Take a look at the new poster below:

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Could this mean that Jon Snow will in fact be back for season 6 or is HBO simply stirring the pot of growing speculation on the topic? It does feel odd that a large ensemble show like this would release its first poster for a new season featuring only one character, and one who is supposed to be dead at that.

Kit Harington, along with the show’s producers and many others at HBO have all insisted that Jon is very dead. “I’m not coming back next season,” Harington said to Entertainment Weekly after the season 5 finale. Even Maisie Williams (who plays Arya Stark) admitted that her on-screen brother had met his end. This is definitely likely, but in Game of Thrones, it’s possible that the dead don’t stay dead. Either that or Arya lied to us. It wouldn’t be the first time. Harington has already been spotted in Belfast where the show films, so unless he’s just shooting flashbacks, there is already hope. However, unless Jon somehow survived the multiple stabbings he received by his brothers of the Night’s Watch, it seems likely that his return will be some through sort of resurrection.

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This is the first teaser that HBO has given about the new season. The announcement puts to bed the rumors that the new season won’t premiere until much later than usual this year and thankfully we finally have a month to look forward to. Hopefully a more specific date announcement is forthcoming.

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Game of Thrones returns to HBO for season 6 in April 2016.

(Image courtesy of HBO)

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