Anita and Arthur really didn’t stand a chance.  It’s not their fault.  The older beekeepers from Oregon were at a severe physical disadvantage the second they entered The Amazing Race.  The fact that they were eliminated on the very first leg is not a big surprise, but it doesn’t matter.  Anita and Arthur didn’t expect to win The Amazing Race.  For them, it was all about the experience.  And they fully enjoyed and embraced their brief time on the race.  The Amazing Race hasn’t had a more adorable team in its history than the hippie farmers.  We had the chance to speak with them earlier today about their time on the show.

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Hey this is Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV and I’m here with ANita and Arur from THe Amazing Race.  How are you guys doing?

Anita: Oh, we’re good.  Hi!

Were you two fans of The Amazing Race before getting cast on the show?

Anita: Yes we were, very much.

Arthur: I’d say Anita was more than I.  She watched it consistently and once in a while she’d say “Arthur, you gotta come look at this,” and I’d drop what I was doing go look at it and say “Oh, look, that is so neat,” and I’d go back to what I was doing.

How did you two end up getting cast on the show?

Anita:  We saw an ad on the TV that said send in an application for The Amazing Race and so we sent in a video, a three minute video, and we were very surprised when they called us.

How different was actually being on the race compared to what you expected going in?

Arthur:  I don’t think we anticipated the amount of adrenaline we felt.

Anita: You can’t calm yourself down, you’re so excited.

How far behind actually did you finish from the tenth place team, do you know?

Arthur:  We have no idea.

Looking back on your one leg, what do you two think you could have maybe done differently to not have finished last?

Anita: I think we could have moved faster making the decision to go (on the detour).  We did see people on the bottom of the net – I don’t know if we were that far behind.  But, we could have talked things over rather than just have gone.

What was your favorite part of being on the race?  Did you enjoy brazil?  Did you get the chance to sit back and enjoy the experience at all?

Anita:  Just being with everyone, being with the whole production was so incredible for us.  Just to watch how everything works and getting to meet all these new people in our life, whether it be the production people or the people on the teams.  It was absolutely amazing.

What was the most difficult part of the race for you two?

Arthur:  I think maybe in 20/20 hindsight, running up the stairs out of the Coliseum.  That climb.  We worked out in our local gym, swam laps, worked in the exercise room and everything, but for such an extended stair climb, there was no way we could have prepped for it.

Were there any of your fellow teams that you particularly hit it off with, anyone you still keep in contact with?

Anita: Actually, we pretty much keep in contact with everybody.

Arthur: Sarah and Terence more than others.  We’ve been in contact with them.  At the same time, it’s been more emailing everybody.

Do you two have any big plans for the future?  Back to work there in Oregon?

Anita: We’d do the race again in a second.

Maybe another all-stars?

Anita: Yeah.  And we are back to blueberries and honey in Oregon. 

Arthur: We have a zip line coming up that we’re going to do. 

Anita:  Yeah, a quarter mile zip line.  We’re pretty excited about that.

Anita, Arthur, we appreciate you taking the time and wish you luck in the future.

Anita:  Thank you very much. 

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
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