Designated Survivor heads into unchartered territory with the latest episode titled “The Ninth Seat.” As President Kirkman struggles to put together a new Supreme Court, FBI Agent Hannah Wells goes undercover and discovers much more than she ever could have imagined. Meanwhile, Seth Wright has to contend with journalist Abe Leonard, who returns from the Middle East with an explosive story. How will this all end for President and the people of the United States? Let’s find out!

Abe Leonard heads to Iraq to check on a leak he learned of that connected Nestor Lazaro to the terrorist group Al Sakar, in an attempt to kill the president. Al Sakar was not involved in the Capitol bombing. He asked why Al Sakar would take credit, knowing the US military will never stop hunting them down. His informants have no answers.

Hannah and Jason Find Clues About the Shelter

Hannah and Jason leave the hidden shelter, where they see enough bombs to blow up several US Capitol buildings. Hannah notes that there are plenty of license plates from other states in the small town where the shelter is located. They meet a local who says the group is called the True Believers who only pay cash and stay off the radar.

Abe meets with Seth in his office and tells him about the story he plans to publish. He tells him that Al Sakar did not blow up the Capitol and reveals that the United States was played. Seth speaks to Emily regarding this and neither wants this story to go any further.

The President Struggles to Put Together the Supreme Court

Senator Bowman and the other members of the Senate come together to attempt to push forward nine members of the Supreme Court at the same time. Senator Hunter is appreciative of being involved in the decision, looking for a chief justice who could act as an impartial party. Bowman says that he has made some disturbing discoveries regarding the choice of Chief Justice, Judge Borden. He says this nominee shows liberal bias. He wants justices that are acceptable to the Republican Party. Bowman threatens to hold up all the nominees if Kirkman doesn’t go along with his plan. What are his ulterior motives?

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Abe Leonard comes to Senator Hookstratten and asks her about the connection between Peter MacLeish and Hannah Wells. Aaron Shore who now works for Hookstratten as her Chief Strategist gets on the phone to attempt to contact Hannah to tell her about Leonard and his story.

The President ignores the head of the FBI’s request to bring Abe in under charges of being fed classified information from someone within the White House walls. Abe is told to dig deeper from his editor to bring his story to fruition, including talking to Hannah, who is off the grid and not able to be contacted. Leonard is then given a link of photos of Peter McLeish’s swearing in, prior to the President being shot.

Julia meets with the President and Emily and realizes that they are asking her to be Chief Justice. She is flattered and considers the position, knowing Bowman will not be against her appointment. Julia later admits to Kirkman that she has early onset dementia and can’t be his ninth judge.

Jason and Hannah Find the Members of a New World Order

Jason and Hannah find out all these strange “strays” are congregating around the silo. They realize that this group could be whom they are looking for, who are willing to sacrifice their lives for a new world order. They are stopped upon trying to enter the silo by a group of locals wielding guns. Later, they observe a group of people congregating together to create a landing zone for a chopper in the darkness out of bonfires. They see the helicopter land and observe Lazaro coming out. He is clearly not dead.

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Leonard comes out of work and realizes he is being followed. He finds a package under the windshield of his car with a cell phone in it. Leonard then gets a call from someone who tells him that they sent Leonard the link regarding Hannah Wells and Hookstratten and to meet him somewhere where Leonard will be given further information.

The president lends the floor to Julia, who talks to the group of senators and explains to them that there does not have to be nine seats filled in the Supreme Court and that they can move forward with the eight existing nominees that both the Democrats and Republicans have already agreed on. The senators agree with this decision.

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