The last memorable scene Designated Survivor tossed our way in “Two Ships” was that of the blurry vision from a hotel surveillance camera. Secretary Moss is now speculated to be the last person to see Member of Parliament, Charlotte Thorn, on the night before her murder in the park. Which leads everyone to wonder, did the Secretary of State and former President of the United States kill this young outspoken woman and why?

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Turkish Criminal, American Guest

Protestors gather outside of the Turkish Embassy in the name of a man who has killed civilians of his home country, yet has done nothing on United States soil to warrant being extradited. Kirkman needs to show the world that the alliance between Turkey and America is a necessary one, but we’ll get back to that.

Our former kidnapped informant, Peyton Lane, is being interrogated by Hannah and Damian about Secretary Moss’ presence at Charlotte Thorn’s hotel room. It appears the two were having an affair before Thorn’s divorce was final. In the Oval office, things are heating up between young Leo and his significant other, Sybil. Kirkman walks in on his son just as he’s about to go in for the kill. The mood is gone, and the kiss doesn’t happen. The tour ends before making it to the Lincoln bedroom, I’m afraid.

The First Lady and the First Mother-In-Law sit with Kendra about the upcoming hearing. They are betting on the fact that Forstell has no information on Mrs. Booker’s recent meeting with the deceased Eric Little and all hands will be wiped clean of this annoying matter. Yet, if the topic is brought up, then this might just be the start of an ongoing battle.

Back to the American-Turkish press conference. All is well until Turan goes off-script to announce that the States are harboring a terrorist. In the Oval Office, Turan turns the tables and suggests that things may be different if Turkey were to welcome Patrick Lloyd to their soil. Kirkman, of course, disagrees and states that this is entirely a different situation. This doesn’t sit well with the Turkish President and he suggests that maybe their bases are better suited for the Russians now.

Leo Springs into Action

Leo and Sybil walk hand-in-hand down the sidewalk and are approached by an angry protestor who offers them to hold signs. When they refuse, the man becomes belligerent and Leo pushes him to the ground. It would have been nice if his bodyguard would have stepped in before this happened, but he’s whisked away before anything more can happen.

Emily, Aaron and Lyor finally inform Kirkman of Secretary Moss’ affair with the deceased Parliament member. He is then told that this issue with the Turkish offense needs to be dealt with and finally a video has surfaced of Leo’s assault against the protester. The guy has hired an attorney. There’s a civil suit brewing, and it smells like a setup. 

Hannah and Damian sit across from Secretary Moss, asking about his whereabouts on the day in question. Everyone just wants to do what the man was doing with she-who-is-now-dead. As expected, the man isn’t talking. “Are you suggesting I need a lawyer?” he asks. “I don’t know sir,” Hannah replies, “do you?” Damian just sits there, looking back and forth like every other viewer. 

Turkey Threatens to Leave NATO

The NATO committee sits in a meeting. Well, they attempt to conduct a meeting, but Turan decides to kick and scream and have a fit. He accuses POTUS of being a criminal for harboring a criminal. He stands and claims that NATO no longer supports his country and what it stands for. So now Kirkman is faced with quite the dilemma: allow Turkey to walk and take its military bases that help support the nations with it or release the so-called criminal back to his home country.

Emily is now trying her hand at speaking with Secretary Moss. On the record, he is asked about his personal relationship with Lane. Moss claims that she wanted a ring. Technically, she was still married and had a ring, so she didn’t receive a new one. Moss went to her hotel room in hopes of reconciling, but reconciliation was not reached. After her death, Moss checked himself into a rehabilitation center, but will not state why. Emily is forced to suspend Secretary Moss until further investigations can be fulfilled. 

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Dancing Around Each Other

A meeting with Kendra, the First Mother-In-Law and Forstell is seen and is switched back and forth with another one featuring Kirkman, Seth, Lyor and a member of the press. Everyone is on the topic of what transpired years ago involving Eric Little. Kendra and Lyor attempt to text each other to make sure that things are going smoothly on each end, but Forstell notices and keeps things on track. He gets awfully close to asking Mrs. Booker about what happened six months ago, but instead makes inquiries about a trip taken. Mrs. Booker, like her son-in-law, is charming and knows just what to say. It seems that both parties have convinced their opponents of their innocence. 

Then the ball drops as Mike confronts Kirkman with news. He has just shaken the hand of the Turkish man everyone has been on the fence about. He won’t be extradited and is still welcome on U.S. soil. It seems, though, that an even setup was underway the whole time. Young Sybil, Leo’s girlfriend is related to Turkish President Turan and looks to have been planted. Poor Leo. (Silver lining: at least he didn’t take her to the Lincoln bedroom!)

Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do

“I’m tired of you people always telling me that my hands are tied!” yells Kirkman who has just been told he can’t make it known what Turan has been doing. Instead, he requests a meeting with him. 

Damian annoyingly eats the rest of Chuck’s chips as he and Hannah look over photos of Charlotte Thorn who looks to be wearing a familiar ring. A ring who Peyton Lane now wears. The cat’s out of the bag. Peyton was in love with her and had to watch her fall in love with another man. She went to Charlotte that night, hoping that they could finally be together but was turned down. So, as history now has it, she shot and killed her. Off to prison she now goes in handcuffs. That was an unexpected and sad twist.

Kirkman Lays Down the Law

Again, in the Oval Office, Kirkman lays down the law for Turan. He will back the Turkish man in question to the fullest and help him in painting such a bad picture of his country that the people will ultimately turn against their president. Turan is to remain in NATO, renew the leases on the bases where the missiles are held and keep his distance from both him and his family or he’ll unleash an uncanny resemblance to Liam Neeson’s “I will find you” determination.

A calmer and collected Kirkman now sits with Secretary Moss as he finally opens up about his relationship with Charlotte. He says that after her death, he realized just how much he cared for her. “I started spiraling,” he says. After being on a straight path of sobriety, he slipped and checked into rehab to prevent going down that dangerous road again. He hands over his letter of resignation, but good old Kirkman refuses it. “Do what you have to,” he says, “but when you’re ready, your office will be waiting.” 

Hannah and Damian, Officially

Damian just won’t quit. Hannah sits and relaxes with a glass of wine when she gets a knock on the door. There he is. “We have unfinished business,” he announces. You guessed it. Shirts fly off and lips are locked. I suppose he’ll be sticking around awhile. As these two do what new couples do, Leo is mourning the loss of his relationship. Kirkman has a father/son talk and apparently, it’s just enough time for Damian and Hannah to finish up their activities. Hannah is all smiles now after Damian tells her he’s found a job with the British Embassy and will be staying in town.

From Leo’s room to his own, Kirkman walks from one targeted family member to another. Alex just received a subpoena from Forstell. All that mumbo jumbo about the trip she took with her mother six months ago led them right where he wanted them. The money for the trip came from an account Eric Little had in place under Alex’s name. Now it’s her turn to be set up.

So much is happening and still so early in the season. How do you feel about the show so far? Do you agree with Kirkman’s tactics? Let us know and comment below!

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