As the White House gears up for President Kirkman’s first international summit, Kimble Hookstraten faces her toughest political battle yet when her speakership is challenged. Meanwhile, First Lady Alex wrestles with whether or not to bring the kids back to Washington in Designated Survivor’s episode titled “Misalliance.”

Homeland Security Adviser Jay Whitaker receives a text telling him that Hannah Wells has been kidnapped. Patrick Lloyd is also informed of Hannah’s capture via the same text that reads, “The package is delivered.”

The Secret Service is worried because Hannah has not contacted them in days. They find that her car is still at her hotel and that nothing looks out of place in her room, but they later observe a surveillance tape which shows her disappearing into a van with a mysterious man.

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Kimble Hookstratten Faces the House Ethics Committee

The House Ethics Committee meets with House Speaker Kimble Hookstratten and they question her ties to the Turkish government. She tells the committee that she has worked hard to uphold the oath she took when she became a congresswoman. She asks the committee to vote on her reputation and her history in government, not against it.

The Secret Service tells the president that Agent Wells has been kidnapped while looking into the link between Browning Reed and Patrick Lloyd. They tell the president that Lloyd is speaking to an alt-right group that afternoon and that he has political aspirations. The president asks that they spare no expense in finding Agent Wells as soon as possible.

Jason Atwood heads to a place to purchase tracking materials, possibly to go on the hunt for Hannah. Hannah is chained to a box truck and treated like a prisoner. She is given food and no one speaks to her.


The president meets with Kimble Hookstratten and asks her how things went with the House Ethics Committee. She is worried the accusation against her will always be against her, even if her name is cleared. President Kirkman asks her about the Federal Arts Grants to have it reauthorized, and Kimble says that the bill has to go through the Ways and Means Committee for that to happen. She also says that the leader of the group is one of the main prosecutors against her from the House Ethics Committee, so she doesn’t think there is anything she can do to help him. Hookstratten is worried her speakership will be stripped by the Ways and Means Committee.

Patrick Lloyd is Followed

Patrick Lloyd arrives at his political uprising meeting. A security guard takes his American Flag pin as he heads through the scanning machine and switches it out for the pin cam that he was secretly given by Jason Atwood to film the proceedings. Lloyd tells his supporters that the United States government is trying to hijack their identities and brainwash their children. Lloyd calls Kirkman an illegitimate president.

Patrick Lloyd is followed by both the FBI and Jason Atwood, who tries to gather clues to where Hannah might be hidden. Jason hears a sound and heads towards it with his gun drawn. Lozano shoots Jason Atwood in the chest.

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Speaker Hookstratten meets with the president and explains to him that she will resign from both the speakership and her seat. The ethics committee is reportedly voting against her because she is old politics in a new Congress. She says she can’t represent her constituents the way she wants, but asks as a final favor for the House to reinstate the arts bill.

Tom meets with his wife Alex and they decide to bring their children back to Washington from Camp David. She joins him for a chorus and band concert alongside Tyler Richmond. During the performance, the President nominates Kimble Hookstratten as the Secretary of Education.

Hannah is Trapped!

Hannah says she can’t reach her food, so her captors loosen her chains. She uses the wire in her bra to pick the lock on her restraints and escape her captors. She then realizes the cargo crate she is being held in is on a barge ship, not on land.

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