On the next episode of Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, more drama occurs as romance fills the air. It’s Valentine’s Day and Denise is celebrating it with a casual dinner with her family.  However, something unexpected occurs and transforms the evening.

We last saw Denise Richards on “Denise Does Slamdance,” when she received news that her film got accepted to the prestigious Slamdance Film Festival.  Finding Bliss is a romantic comedy, which stars her and comedian Jamie Kennedy.  For the Denise Richards: It’s Complicated episode, the two of them discussed the film over lunch.

Below, you can find the short clip that E! has released for “Denise Does Slamdance.”  The meeting with her co-star brought her to Park City, Utah.  Denise and Jamie Kennedy started to talk about Finding Bliss, but the conversation suddenly focused on the actor’s nude scenes.

Also on “Denise Does Slamdance,” the 38-year-old starlet headed for a quick break from Slamdance and hit the slopes.  Along with her close pals, she takes up snowboarding lessons for fun.  With her were best friend Kim and assistant Chrissy, both up for a great time away from home.  And always concerned about her fashion sense, Denise even had to go shop for her perfect snowboarding outfit.

For tonight’s episode of Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, we are greeted with “Dating-ish.”  Denise takes her quirky family out for a Valentine’s Day dinner, but it’s not as normal as she thought.  With her romantic life always on the spotlight, she couldn’t believe that even her relatives would grill her about it.  The drama ensues once more, and it looks as though things will turn out badly if Denise doesn’t clean up the mess.

Catch the new installment of Denise Richards: It’s Complicated tonight, Sunday at 10:30 on E!  Don’t miss another episode of the Ryan Seacrest-produced show as it airs next week at the same time.

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