A test run of how the 11th season of the CBS reality show Big Brother is set to be launched today, in an effort to attract attention and show off a condensed version of how Big Brother, in a nutshell, works.

The CBS Big Brother media day, put up by the show’s producers, will reportedly include the likes of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, in addition to someone from Extra and Access Hollywood.  They will reportedly live in the house for 15 hours and throughout that amount of time will have to undergo nearly all the ceremonies and challenges that normal house guests endure, except obviously living in a house with total strangers for 90 days.

With no contact to the outside world, the media people will be doing what Big Brother orders them, while the producers check for camera angles, sound, staging, and the rest. CBS will also release a highlight reel of the whole experience, with each celebrity contestant getting a copy to take home.

“.. They’re going to eat slop, have an eviction ceremony, a mini wrap party, etc. All of this would happen in just 15 hours!” confirms a source as quoted by On the Fix. “They’re going to run a whole Big Brother season in 15 hours for this Media Day.  They’ll be voting people off, doing head of household, everything.”

Media day also took place last year and despite the limited time – 15 hours – “brutal fights” still erupted in true Big Brother fashion.

In other developments, the official Big Brother 11 website was recently launched, with the usual Interact, Photos, Recaps, and House Guests sections, plus the Fantasy section for the game that was created for this season.

Big Brother 11 will kick off July 9 on CBS.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: On the Fix
(Image courtesy of CBS)

Glenn Diaz

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