According to Michael Ausiello at, the season finale of Smallville will come with not one, but two deaths. Ausiello also promises that both deaths will be for real, unlike other shows where death doesn’t mean anything.

His sources claim that both deaths will be of “pivotal” characters, though Ausiello adds that only one is a Smallville veteran. With a season that has been pretty good (especially the Doomsday storyline) and the promise of season 9, the question now arises: who will die?

The obvious choice would be Clark, since everyone knows that in the comic book, Doomsday kills Superman. In addition, we still haven’t heard official word on Tom Welling‘s contract for next season. But even if Clark dies, there’s no way it could be permanent since the Man of Steel has a lot left to do.

We must also figure out what Michael Ausiello counts as a Smallville veteran. Tess Mercer and Davis Bloom have only been around for this season, but they are series regulars. Of those two, it seems likely that Doomsday might be the one who gets killed by Clark.

However, he doesn’t stipulate that the deaths will be of series regulars, so maybe there’s another series veteran who might croak. Martha Kent is still alive and kicking somewhere, and Annette O’Toole would surely qualify as a veteran of the series, starring in the first six seasons. And if the show wants to raise the stakes for Clark, having Doomsday kill his mother would be a great start.

Other major deaths don’t seem very likely. Lois and Jimmy are around for a lot longer in the Superman universe, Chloe is the glue of the series, and Oliver Queen is the only hope Smallville has for a possible spin-off if Welling decides to leave.

Who do you think will die in the Smallville season 8 finale. Let us know by posting your theories below.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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