Continuing with our trend of bringing you the most insightful research and profound analysis about the most crucial questions of our age, BuddyTV once again presents you with a debate for the history books.

Inspired by Dunder-Mifflin’s fair and balanced Hilary Swank Hot or Not discussion, two BuddyTV writers face off each week in the Colosseum of Critical Inquiry to battle it out on behalf of the ambiguously attractive. It began with our first battle, Hot or Not: Sarah Jessica Parker, in which Oscar Dahl bested Debbie Chang, effectively “Not”-ing this talented but equine actress. Then Chang fell again in Hot or Not: Jason Mesnick as Henry Jenkins persuaded his audience that The Bachelor was more cute than Casanova. Last week, Meghan Carlson creamed John Kubicek in the epic battle over Heroes star Hayden Panettiere, whom fans decided is definitely hot.

Now it’s this vampiric movie star’s turn for some sexiness scrutiny, when we debate…

Is Robert Pattinson Hot or Not?

The Combatants:

Kim Wetter: Robert Pattinson is Hot.
Meghan Carlson: Robert Pattinson is Not Hot.

View the Slideshow to find out!

Hot or Not: Robert Pattinson of 'Twilight'

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