Tonight, two distinct household names will be gracing CSI: Miami for an episode filled with suspense, fury, and retribution.  Guest starring on “Permanent Vacation” are Dean Cain, most famous for his role on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and Leslie Hope, who is known for her stint on the acclaimed series, 24.

Read on for a preview of tonight’s episode.

Directed by Eagle Egilsson and written by Barry O’Brien and Krystal Houghton, “Permanent Vacation” features a family vacation that turns deadly.  When a Canadian family, consisting of Denise, Roger, Shane, and Brian Partney, visits Miami for a pleasure trip, one of the sons accidentally becomes an enemy of a gang member by flirting with the gang member’s girlfriend in an elevator.  Unfortunately, the son is shot and killed on the day he and his family are set to return home.  Now, Horatio and the rest of the forensic scientists of the Miami-Dade Police Department must find the killer before the survivors decide to take justice into their own hands.

Cain, who is set play the role of Roger Partney on CSI: Miami, has recently appeared as Curtis Knox on Smallville.  Aside from his iconic role as Superman, he is also famous for playing Casey Manning on Las Vegas, and on Clubhouse as Conrad Dean.  At present, he is preoccupied with shooting two upcoming movies, including Ace of Hearts and Five Dollars a Day.

As for Hope, who is known for playing Teri Bauer, the wife of Federal Agent Jack Bauer and the mother of Kim Bauer on 24, she’ll be portraying Denise Partney on the forensic drama series. Hope’s latest projects include Commander in Chief, Runaway and the upcoming movie, Get Some.

Also joining Cain and Hope on tonight’s episode are Michael Welsh, Antonio Jaramillo, Wes Brown, Antonio Jaramillo and Andres Perez-Molina, just to name a few.

CSI: Miami airs tonight at 10pm ET/PT on CBS.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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