After their Days of our Lives high school reunion, Belle (Martha Madison) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) have come home, still bickering.

Downstairs, Bo (Peter Reckell) continues to question Billie (Julie Pinson) about her brother’s whereabouts?

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) makes excuses and finally succeeds in disentangling himself from Sami (Alison Sweeney) in order to sneak out and pick up the package containing his gun.  Some goon with an earpiece tails him out of there.  Inside his apartment, EJ (James Scott) calls the shipping company, pretending to be Lucas, and asks for the package to be delivered instead so that he can intercept it.

Belle insists that she was trying to help Shawn.  He is angry that she went behind his back again and with Philip, no less.  Hope (Kristian Alfonso) knocks on the door and is immediately concerned that she interrupted a fight.  Belle leaves to go check on Claire.  Shawn tells Hope that he had a terrible time at the reunion and lets slip that Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) did something bad, but he won’t come clean about what he did.  Hope gets Belle alone and asks what happened with Philip at the reunion.  She says that Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) told Shawn that she saw Belle with Philip.  Belle insists that nothing happened, but Hope reminds her that she made a promise that she would stay away from Philip.

Bo continues his interrogation of Billie, who confesses that Lucas was at the church at the time of EJ’s shooting.  She tells Bo the whole story and asks him to give Lucas a break.  She reports that Lucas swore to her that he didn’t shoot EJ.  Bo asks what he did with his gun, but Billie says she doesn’t know anything about a gun.  Bo asks her if Lucas asked her to lie for him.  Hope comes downstairs, and Bo fills her in.  They leave to look for the nurse that Lucas hired to babysit the babies while he went to the church.

EJ is in the bedroom, trying to get baby Ali to go back to sleep.  He walks (!!!) out of the room, carrying her!  That means that he isn’t paralyzed after all!  Sami is at the door, but it’s locked, so he quickly gets back into his chair and opens the door with Ali in his lap.  Sami demands to know how EJ got her out of her crib from his chair.  She is annoyed because EJ could have dropped the baby.  EJ asks her to stay.  He even asks her why she continues to lie to him.  They argue and argue, and finally, EJ asks Sami to show him some affection when they are alone.

After not being able to pick up the package, Lucas goes to tell Kate (Lauren Koslow) at Chez Rouge that he wasn’t able to retrieve his gun.  After bickering for a bit, he goes home so that he can sign for the package when it arrives.

Here is what happens in the second half of Days of our Lives.

Sami says she understands how frustrated EJ is and wishes that she had more time to spend with him.  She asks him to understand that she’s under a considerable amount of stress.  She’s a good actress because she actually looks like she cares about him.  She gives him a big kiss, and then rushes off to leave.  Sami goes home and looks in the bag of baby things that EJ brought over.  She notices the baby monitor and realizes that EJ must have been spying on her.  She gets an evil look in her eyes.

Bo gets an update from the earpieced goon from the beginning who was been tailing Lucas.  So now Bo and Hope know that he was trying to pick up a package from the shipping warehouse.  Lucas, who was about to go home, realizes that he is being followed and came back to Chez Rouge where Kate is.  He asks her to sneak him her car keys.  Once he gets them, he pretends (rather obviously) that he’s going to the bathroom and then sneaks out the back door.  He drives away in Kate’s car, but the goon sees all this and calls Bo about it.  Bo and Hope, having finished questioning the nurse about taking care of the twins for Lucas, head over to Chez Rouge to talk to Kate.

Belle asks Shawn to talk, but she just gets a frosty reception from him.  He whines that she and Philip have turned him into a criminal because he is now withholding information about a crime.  Their fight culminates when Shawn tells Belle that she has to choose between him and Philip, once and for all.  Shawn just goes to bed curtly, without another word.

The delivery guy comes with the package, and EJ walks out into the hallway to sign for it.  As soon as he gets the package and goes back inside, he grabs his back in pain and groans back into his wheelchair.  So, he can walk, but not perfectly well yet.

Kate, still at Chez Rouge, has finished leaving a message for Lucas when Bo and Hope come by.

Lucas storms home and demands to know where his package is.  Next door, EJ looks like a child on Christmas, happily shaking the box around.

Next on Days of our Lives: Kate tries to sweet talk Roman, Philip flirts with Chloe, Sami demands to know what is inside Lucas’ package.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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