Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will be joined by his brother, Elijah (Daniel Gillies), when he leaves Mystic Falls for New Orleans in the April 25 episode of The Vampire Diaries. That episode will serve as a backdoor pilot for the potential The Originals spinoff.

Deadline is reporting that Gillies will join Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) as series regulars on the show. The focus will be on the two Mikaelson brothers, who are vampires, and the werewolf, Hayley.

While The Vampire Diaries originally focused on the Salvatore brothers and their love for a human, Elena, it will be interesting to see if the new show will follow a similar focus. In this mystical world, normal vampires can be killed by a werewolf, but not the Originals. A romance between an Original and a werewolf could be an interesting combination.

A few more details have come out about the potential new series, including the premise of the April 25 episode. Executive Producer Julie Plec told EW, “The idea is that a turn of events in Mystic Falls sends Klaus to New Orleans to solve a mystery. He gets word that some people are making a move against him that might concern him. So he heads to New Orleans to try to figure who’s plotting against him and what they’re up to.” 

While in New Orleans, Klaus will meet up with one of his sires. She explains, “He reacquaints himself with a vampire that he actually turned back in the day, Marcel, who has created a whole set of rules and a whole society for the supernatural community that he’s in charge of…”

The show is also casting the role of Camille, a psychology student at Tulane, according to Zap2It, that is intrigued by Klaus. She is human and oblivious to the supernatural world.

Are you excited about a spinoff? Or, will you miss The Originals in Mystic Falls?

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on the CW. The Originals episode will air on April 25.

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