In “The Corpse in the Canopy,” the Bones character we all loathe is back from Egypt to once again terrorize our beloved characters. Whenever he decides to pop up, the tension and drama is ramped up more than ever — and this episode does not disappoint, although it’s a little more political than we’re used to.

How to Catch a Killer?

Hodgins wakes up in the middle of the night in a foggy haze. Not only has he and Angela been drugged, but a dead, gross body is perched above their bed in a canopy and flower petals are creepily placed around their son’s bed. 

They both know it can only be one person: Pellant. Hodgins tried to kill him last time, so he believes the deranged killer is back for payback. Furthermore, those flower petals are from Egypt, where Pellant “ran away” to the last time we saw him.

These two turn to their trusted BFFs, Brennan and Booth. Everyone wants Booth to take him out, but Booth becomes the voice of reason, saying they need to catch him through all the right systems.

A “New” Man

Pellant had erased all traces of his Egyptian identity. So basically, we’re looking for a killer who does not exist! But with the body belonging to a Navy SEAL, it’s safe to assume Pellant now holds his identity. Thanks to Agent Flynn, Booth is able to figure out the SEAL’s identity. 

It turns out the SEAL worked for a powerful mercenary company, but Booth hits a dead end when he can’t get any info from the workers there.

Meanwhile, you could say Hodgins becomes obsessed with trying to track Pellant down and believes identifying the drug that knocked him and Angela out will be a big clue. We feel for Hodgins and love that he’s willing to do just about anything to find the creep for the sake of his family. 

His persistence does pay off as he tracks down the familiar origins of the drug — his Cantilever corporation, the one that keeps him wealthy.

Gone in a Flash

The gang figures out that Pellant and his new identity are inside the mercenary company doing who knows what to the computer systems there. This leads to Booth and the rest of the FBI to infiltrate the huge office building. But Pellant is expecting them, of course.

Even while knowing he’s being chased, he remains calm and collected and only focused on his task at hand before escaping. Flynn and Booth are hot on his tail, but Pellant, always one step ahead, sets up a weapon that comes out of nowhere to fire, hitting Flynn with a bunch of shots. 

It’s a clever distraction for him to break into a car and drive away, but not before Booth gets a shot at him and appears to hit him — I thought you were supposed to hit the tires — but Pellant still manages to escape. Ugh.

The Ultimate Choice

The drama isn’t over yet because, back at the Jeffersonian, the team figures out that there’s a drone headed straight for a school in Kandahar. They’re able to figure out this puzzle thanks to the clues that Pellant left behind for Brennan and in the bones of the dead body.

Hodgins quickly figures out that all of his assets, all of his accounts, are being wiped clean. He can only save one thing: his money or the school. Choosing one will lock the ability to get into the system of the other. It’s no surprise he chooses the school kids, and the drone self-destructs on their command before causing any damage.

This means Hodgins and Angela are basically broke. While that’s unfortunate, I’m sure they’ll be just being frugal and clipping some coupons here and there. At least they have their jobs, right?

A New NEW Man

In the end, we see Pellant bloodied all over — sewing up his own face, looking like the Bones version of Two-Face. It ain’t pretty. And I’m wondering how he’ll be able to, you know, not alarm the general public when he’s out and about. What will be his next move?

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Esther Gim

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV