Monday night offered a couple surprise performances from the final five pairs leading up to finals week. However, don’t expect any surprises tonight as Dancing with the Stars celebrates its 300th episode.

Four pairs will go on to the finals next week, but Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson will not be one of those couples. Ingo put up his best performance of the season last night with what will likely be his last dance.

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Too Little, Too Late

For anyone who has been watching season 16 of Dancing with the Stars, the outcome for this week’s voting results should be clear. Ingo will be eliminated. He continued to give it his all and is easily one of the more likeable stars on the show this season, but he clearly just isn’t in the same league as the other four remaining stars.

Ingo scored a 24 and 27 in week nine, but even with his best performance of the season, I think it’s obvious to everyone that he will not make it to week 10.

300th Episode Celebration

Luckily for ABC, Dancing with the Stars will be celebrating its 300th episode. If not for that hook, the show could be suffering from a severe lack of drama. With everyone expecting Ingo to be eliminated, the show will have to pull viewers in with something else. This is where the opening dance number and performances from The Wanted and Avril Lavigne will come in handy.

There will be those viewers like me who will have to watch the last five minutes to see the results, no matter how obvious the outcome seems. You never know, there is always a chance fans could give everyone a huge surprise and eliminate someone besides Ingo.

Danger Zone

Hypothetically, if Ingo were to not be eliminated, who else would be in danger? The problem for Ingo is that the next guy in danger would be Jacoby Jones, and he seriously upped his game last night. Jacoby not only pulled in his first perfect score of the season, but tied for the lead on the judges’ scoreboard with a combined score of 59. Before this week, I thought this season was a three-person race, but Jacoby won me over. Season 16 just became a four-person race.

Zendaya stumbled Monday night in her first dance by scoring just a 25. It was a bad time to have an off-dance, but she redeemed herself by scoring a perfect 30 with her hip-hop routine. I just don’t see anyone besides Ingo going home, though. Sorry, Ingo, but I predict your time is up.

Tune in to the Dancing with the Stars results show Tuesday night at 9pm on ABC.

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