You’ve got to be kidding me.

It turns out that a winning personality, solid performances and the highest judges’ scores of the night are not enough to keep you safe on Dancing with the Stars. What is enough? I honestly am not sure anymore.

In a second consecutive week of surprises during The Results Show, voters decided to eliminate Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke. The choice came as a shock to the many viewers who actually thought this was about dancing.

But what are you going to do when the remaining competition consists of:

  • A veteran actress staging an emotional comeback (and dancing really, really well)
  • A diva with both performance and some serious moves
  • A young, break-out star that only a soulless killer robot wouldn’t love
  • A football player with a surprisingly strong fan base
  • Sarah Palin’s daughter

Not such a shock now, is it?

But Rick Fox did dance during his too-brief stint on Dancing with the Stars, and he deserves a quick look back at those seven performances.

Week 1: The Viennese Waltz
Rick started off the competition with a passionate and sexy waltz that earned him 22 points and an early position of third place. The judges were impressed with Rick’s dancing and with his ability to not let incredible height get in the way.

Carrie Ann: “Can I call you Mr. Fox, because I think you’re a fox!”

Week 2: The Jive
In his second week, Rick proved that he was more than a one-dance wonder. His 21-point jive — about as different from the waltz as you can get — was quick and fun. Also sexy.

Bruno: “It’s like trying to get a California condor to dance with a hummingbird. And you did it!”

Week 3: The Samba
This would be the week of the open shirt. Such a lovely week! Tying for second place, Rick and Cheryl earned 24 points in a truly great dance.

Bruno: “We want to see more of that!”

Week 4: The Argentine Tango
This was not Rick’s best week, even though he looked the part of a Latin lover with that little mustache. Alas, the dance did not quite match up to the appearance. Rick’s technique and performance combined for 39 points, only enough for fifth place.

Carrie Ann: “You came out here looking like the cover of a romance novel… But for some reason it felt one-dimensional.”

Week 5: The Rumba
Rick got the sexy part of this dance, even though it wasn’t his best when it came to technique. Still, it was enough for another 24 points and much renewed enthusiasm from the judges. Also, sexy cop fantasies for the viewers!

Len: “There’s an ease and elegance about your dancing.”

Week 6: The Tango
Of all the celebrities, only Rick truly embraced a “rock” persona in this quite frankly terrifying tango. Yet another 24 and some comments about too much character were the rewards during rock n’ roll week.

Bruno: “I thought you were going to scalp her at the end!”

Week 7: The Quickstep
With the dance’s originator, Helio Castroneves, cheering from the judges’ table, Rick and Cheryl bounced their way through one of the silliest dances ballroom can allow. Rick’s costume and expressions fit perfectly with the choreography, earning 37 points for the dance. That was good enough to tie with Jennifer and Brandy for first place in the judges’ scores.

Carrie Ann: “Mr. Banana-Man, you have to pass the torch to the Jolly Green Giant. Rick, by far your best!”

Good enough for first place, but not good enough to stay for another week? Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Disbelief seems a fair emotion when considering Rick and Cheryl’s elimination. They had the look. They had the scores. They had the talent. But all of that is little more than a joke when rabid voters just want to keep their favorites alive, whatever the cost to DWTS‘ integrity.

It may be a joke, but it’s not so funny.

Bye Rick!

What do you think about Rick and Cheryl’s elimination this week? Do you think it was fair? Why do you think Rick was the next to go? Let us know in the comments section!

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