The celebrities on Dancing with the Stars season 13 really need to start making it easier for us. While there are often a couple of front-runners each week, the bottom half of the pack is inevitably confusing. Which dancers are the least popular? Which didn’t dance well enough to survive on votes alone?

It’s awfully hard to tell.

With last week’s surprise elimination of Kristin Cavallari, it’s safe to say that anyone at all could be eliminated next from Dancing with the Stars season 13.

But we always need to guess. So let’s get to it!

Most Likely to Go
Chaz Bono (score = 21)
Is this the week when Chaz’s popularity finally fails to overcome his poor dancing? Considering that Carson scored lower, I’m not sure.

Carson Kressley (score = 20)
His dance was a crowd-pleaser, but Carson Kressley had week 4’s lowest score. Only the voters can save him now.

Nancy Grace (score = 21)
The judges weren’t impressed by Nancy’s performance, and it wasn’t the kind of wow! dancing that tends to bring in excessive voting. Nancy Grace has surpassed expectations by making it this far on Dancing with the Stars — is week 4 the end of the road?

Most Deserving of Elimination
Chaz Bono
He’s a great guy, and you know he’s trying. But the dancing really isn’t that good. Based on this week’s dance alone, Chaz Bono would be in trouble. Add in the overall point totals — in which the celebrity trails his competition by a wide margin — and Chaz is the obvious choice. Will popularity save him? It’s hard to say at this point.

I think the actual elimination might be Nancy though.

Should Be Worried
Chynna Phillips (score = 21)
With one of the lowest scores of the night, Chynna Phillips is definitely in danger. Her past, excellent performances, however, might just keep her around for some redemption in week 5.

David Arquette (score = 23)
David did great this week with his Indiana Jones-themed dance. Still, voters are not likely to forget that he and Kym only barely avoided elimination a couple of weeks ago. Can David Arquette regain the trust and votes that he needs?

Rob Kardashian (score = 24)
Rob gave us a good dance, and the judges awarded points accordingly. The only reason Rob Kardashian could fall would be voter malaise in such a close week of competition.

Hope Solo (score = 24)
By choosing to perform a light and cute dance, did Hope Solo hurt her own chances to advance in the competition? With good scores and mostly positive reviews from the judges (Len’s bizarre “You don’t practice enough!” tirade aside), Hope is probably OK.

Probably Safe… For Now
J.R. Martinez (score = 26)
Is it safe to assume that no one else in the universe understood Carrie Ann Inaba’s criticism of J.R. and Karina’s foxtrot? The other judges and the crowd were ecstatic about the pink-clad performance, surely enough to keep J.R. Martinez safe for another week.

Ricki Lake (score = 29)
You don’t put on a crowd-pleasing performance to nearly-perfect judges’ scores and get eliminated. You just don’t.

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