The final week of this season’s Dancing with the Stars has arrived. For fans who have sat through predictable finishes, week 10 will be the first week this season where there is some serious intrigue going into the final results show tomorrow night.

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Kellie Pickler, Alexandra Raisman and Zendaya have been neck and neck all season long. However, during week nine, Jacoby Jones stepped up his game and is making a late run for the Dancing with the Stars season 16 championship.

Too Close to Call

Barring some unforeseen misstep, like one of the dancers falling on their face, the judges’ scoring going into the finale will likely be too close to pick the winner. Either way, the fans have a big say in who wins, but with such a close competition, it really will come down to the fans voting.

Taking a look at the breakdown of scores for the four remaining contestants, they are all within a couple points. Only counting the performances they did with just their professional dance partner, here are the final four’s scoring breakdown going into week 10.

1. Kellie and Derek — Avg. 26.9 (High Score: 30)
2. Zendaya and Val — Avg. 26.8 (High Score: 30)
3. Aly and Mark — Avg. 26.4 (High Score: 30)
3. Jacoby and Karina — Avg. 25.3 (High Score: 30)

As you can see, it’s razor thin for the top three, with Jacoby not too far behind. Jacoby actually had his best week this season in week nine, so it will be interesting to see if he can pull out another 30 tonight.

Performances, Performances, Performances

Dancing with the Stars will be giving the final contestants every opportunity to rise or fall. During the two-hour performance show, the final four will each perform three different dances.

The first round will consist of a new routine in a dance style the judges pick for the contestants. The second dance will be a Cha Cha Cha relay where each pair dances to a different section of the same song. The final round will consist of a freestyle dance with special effects, additional dancers and other surprises.

The show clearly wants to test each of these dancers. The top three have proven they can master the typical style and routine. I like how the show is throwing the final four some curve balls to see which contestants can handle the pressure. Will we finally see one of the competitors pull away?

Results Night

Tomorrow night will feature the return of all the stars from season 16 performing in the opening number with the pro dancers. There are a number of big-time singing performances for the season finale. Pitbull will be singing “Hands Up,” Jessica Sanchez will perform “Feel This Moment,” Psy will perform “Gentleman” and season 16’s own Wynonna Judd will perform “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

During the finale, the finalist in fourth place will be eliminated in the first hour, leaving the final three to perform one last dance. The final three will perform a new routine in the “Instant Dance.” They will have to perform a style they know, but to a song they find out about live on television. Get ready because week 10 will likely be an exciting season finale. As close as the remaining four are going into the final shows, we may see some separation in their performances after tonight.┬áTune in tonight at 8pm on ABC to watch.

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