Dancing with the Stars is in the home stretch of season 21. There are only three more eliminations before reaching the finale and the coveted Freestyles, but one pair’s journey will end three weeks early. And with incredibly close scores coming out of Halloween Night and the chance to win immunity, anything can happen.

'Dancing with the Stars' Predictions: Who Will Go Home in Week 8?

The seven remaining couples will all perform individual routines dedicated to important people in the stars’ live, with the highest score getting immunity. So far five of the seven couples left have been at the top of the leaderboard at least once this season, so anyone could be safe.


58: Bindi Irwin
56: Carlos PenaVega, Andy Grammer
55Alexa PenaVega
54: Nick Carter, Tamar Braxton
53: Alek Skarlatos


Derek Hough’s worst finish ever is sixth place, which guarantees that he and Bindi are safe again. It helps that they’ve finished at the top of the leaderboard five out of eight times, and if there’s a tie, they would win immunity because of their season-long total.


I actually think everyone else could be in danger. Only three points separate the other six couples, which is meaningless. Alexa and Carlos could be in trouble because of a split vote since they have a mutual fan base. Andy had a good week with the scores, but doesn’t seem to be growing that much. Tamar and Alek’s attitudes were rather off-putting, which is always a negative. And since the eliminated couple has always been in the bottom two on the leaderboard, that puts Nick in danger.

However, I think Nick has an excellent chance at winning immunity, especially since he’ll get a Contemporary routine, which is less technically demanding. And even though Alexa seems to be in jeopardy every single week when it comes time for the results, I’m trying to remain optimistic about my pre-season pick to win.


I predict that Tamar and Val will be eliminated. This could be a bold pick, especially since doing a Paso Doble could give them immunity if they have another big comeback. But her scores were low and I think Tamar’s attitude and overall cockiness turned off some fans who were rooting for Val. If they win immunity, Alek is my fallback prediction, but it could really be anyone except Bindi.

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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