After two weeks of competition, scores and votes on Dancing with the Stars season 21, including the Switch-Up, it’s time for another elimination. Which eight couples will advance to next week where we will most likely get team dances and a Halloween theme?

'Dancing with the Stars' Predictions: Who Will Go Home in Week 6?

So far every eliminated couple has been one of the bottom two from the leaderboard, and with a large gap between the lowest-scoring dancer and everyone else, this should be an easy week. But will something else happen as the nine remaining couples take the stage to recreate famous dances?


65: Bindi Irwin
64: Carlos PenaVega
62: Nick Carter
61: Alexa PenaVega
59: Andy Grammer
57: Hayes Grier
56: Tamar Braxton
53: Alek Skarlatos
44: Paula Deen


Bindi Irwin’s magical smile continues to guarantee her a spot in the finale. Nick Carter had some great scores while the PenaVegas both shined in the Switch-Up, which should ensure that all four of those frontrunners continue to stick around.


Andy Grammer earned fantastic scores with the Switch-Up and, the week before, the revelation that Allison Holker is pregnant might help get them some more votes with an overwhelming show of support. Hayes Grier had one great week, but then he was somewhat forgettable in the Switch-Up, though he should still have enough support to stick around.


With the worst scores, Paula Deen is obviously in the most danger. Since week 1 I’ve pointed out that five couples this season needed to be the first five to go and so far it’s worked out perfectly, with Paula as the only one of the Bottom 5 left. However, we might be overdue for a shocking result. Alek Skarlatos is second-to-last on the leaderboard, so he needs to rely on fan support for the train hero. And Tamar Braxton may have been good with Val Chmerkovskiy, but the Switch-Up did her no favors as Louis van Amstel’s routine revealed her weaknesses as a dancer.


I’m going to play it safe and predict that Paula and Louis will be eliminated. It’s what should happen, especially given the scores, and it would leave us with eight rather strong couples. After six scores combined, only 14 points separate first place (Bindi) from eighth place (Andy). Paula is then another 32 points lower than Andy, giving you an idea of how far away she is.

Find out who goes home on Famous Dances Night on Dancing with the Stars, Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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