It’s only the first part of the Real Housewives of Orange County season 10 reunion. And believe it or not, the ladies have found other things to talk about besides Brooks’ cancer (or lack thereof). There’s Shannon and Meghan’s relationship that’s gone from rocky to good, Vicki’s mom passing away and Tamra’s custody battle to contend with. Here are the top moments from Part 1.

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Hayley Makes Peace

Meghan talks about her step-daughter, Hayley. She’s had a rough time of things since her mother, LeAnn, died. But Meghan says Hayley was able to recognize her bratty behavior by watching an episode and apologized to her mother before she died. It’s a nice moment where we see that sometimes The Real Housewives can be used for good.

Sweeping Judgments

After talking about how critical Vicki is of basically everything about Meghan’s parenting style, she says Meghan isn’t teaching her step-daughter the value of money, she shouldn’t put her on birth control and she should make her graduate school. Heather sticks up for Meghan, saying that maybe Vicki shouldn’t just make such sweeping judgments. She says what works for her and her family may not work for other people and their families. Vicki, of course, says she’s sticking to her opinion.

Mom’s Road Rage

Vicki talks about what it was like to hear about her mom’s death on camera. She says it’s real life stuff, and when she signed on to do the show, that’s the kind of thing she agreed to share.

To lighten things up, Vicki tells a story about how her mom got arrested once for keying a man’s classic motorcycle after a bout of road rage. Her brother called her while she was in Mexico to tell her that her mom was in jail. Classic Vicki’s mom.

Tamra and Meghan

Host Andy Cohen says one of his favorite parts of the season was watching Tamra react to the things that Meghan said. Tamra says she was grateful to have someone around who says what she’s thinking before she gets a chance to say it, so Meghan’s the one getting in trouble, not Tamra.

Tamra says she does have some advice for Meghan, though. She says the more she’s tried to bury people in the past, the bigger she made an ass of herself. And if you leave well enough alone, eventually that person will bury themselves (ahem; Gretchen).

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Judgey Eyes

Meghan and Shannon hash out their issues from earlier in the season when they didn’t get along. It seems a little pointless now that they’re friends. Anyway, Shannon insists she doesn’t have “judgey eyes” like Meghan previously said, but she has “expressive eyes.” It sounds like two ways of saying the same thing. Meghan also says that it was really good of Shannon to set LeAnn up with one of her doctors. She says Shannon was nice to her when she really didn’t have any reason to be, which she and her family really appreciate.

OG of the OC

Vicki admits that she refers to The Real Housewives of Orange County as “her show.” She says that she started this show and she takes a lot of pride in that. Not only that, but she expects respect from the newer cast members. It’s not that this attitude coming from Vicki is surprising, but the fact that she’s willing to admit it is.

Tamra’s Tough Time

Tamra admits that part of the reason she was in such bad shape last season was because of the custody battle she was going through with her husband. It was all over the press and we all knew about it to an extent, but she admits something she’s never talked about before now.

Apparently, her oldest daughter, at the age of 17, decided to live with her father instead of Tamra. She testified against Tamra in court, where she made her decision official, and Tamra hasn’t spoken with her since. It’s very hard for Tamra to talk about and she says it’s humiliating and hurtful to have a child alienate her like that. And now her son, Spencer, has decided he doesn’t want to see his father, so the family is splintered in so many ways.

But Tamra still says she forgives Simon because if he hadn’t put her through all of that pain, she wouldn’t have found God. She just continues to pray that she and her daughter will be able to work things out in the future.

Let’s Hear from Jesus Jugs

Andy says he got an e-mail from former cast member Alexis Bellino the previous night. Basically, she’s not happy that Tamra is making a mockery of her savior and her religion. She thinks Tamra was baptized for the camera only so she can continue on in her old ways. Tamra says she’s always been the type of Christian to give Christians a bad name, and if she were a better Christian, she probably wouldn’t be so judgmental. She says the reason she used to make fun of her so much was because of the constant way her actions contradicted with what she preached.

Next time on Part 2 of the season 10 reunion, we start to scratch the surface on all the Brooks issues. Yikes.

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