After being compared to professional couples last night, our competitors must once again face the will of the voting public.

Live blog starts now:

The side by side challenge last night made the clearest division yet between top and bottom dancers, as Zendaya got tens and the comedians got sixes. Here’s our first wave of results:


Kellie and Derek

In Jeopardy:

Ingo and Kym

We’re running short on backstage footage themes, as this week we’re treated to the high concept of “camera.”

Jacoby and Karina Reprise their jive, and are once again joined by Maks and Anna. It was, of course, between this or the other routine Maks was featured in.

It’s Chmerkovskiy time again now, as we’re treated to some backstage bickering between the two brothers. It’s all leading up to:


Zendaya and Val

In Jeopardy:

Victor and Lindsay

No surprises there. It remains to be seen whether D.L. or Andy will round out the bottom three.

Performance time, as the country family act The Band Perry comes by to promote their new album. I see the banjo, but this sounds for all the world like a rock song to me.

We now have “a pep talk from Len,” in which the surly judge channels his inner quirky indie-drama patriarch. It’s filler both on the show and in the segment producer’s videography reel.


Jacoby and Karina

Aly and Mark

Next week will be the team dance, and I wholeheartedly second Andy’s proposal of “Team Pickler Dick.”

The sponsored Stars of Dance performance is a simple contemporary routine set to Kerli’s “Love Me or Leave Me.” Nothing quite as flashy as last week’s excellent reverse video routine, but compelling in its minimalism all the same.

And then we have some of the most blatant lip-syncing I’ve ever seen, as a Selena Gomez track plays over the loudspeakers while the young performer dances along herself.

More results:


Sean and Peta

Andy and Sharna

In Jeopardy:

D.L. and Cheryl

Finally, Andy safe and D.L. in the bottom three. I’ve been rooting for that reversal for quite some time.

Time for the final results:


Ingo and Kym

That means Victor and D.L. are in the bottom two.

D.L. Hughley is eliminated.

That should please a few of you out there in commentland. I was certainly turned off by some of D.L.’s early dramatics, but to his credit, he seemed to get his act together as the season went on — just in time for elimination, I suppose.

D.L. schadenfreude aside, I’m happy to see that Andy’s made some progress with the voters. He tied for the bottom score last night, which means that he reeled in quite a few votes to wind up safe. Pickler Dick may soon be a reality!

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Ted Kindig

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